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About Austin BatBox

Hey Y'all! BatBox is Amber & Christina. We are obsessed with our hometown and we want to share our passion for Austin with the world by showing off the best small businesses, music, fashion, art, and everything else that this city has to offer.

Austin Bat Box Review

My Austin Bat Box Review:

So I just had to try the Rhythm Kale Chips in Cool Ranch, I have tried the Zesty Nacho because and well…hated them, these however are a bit better.  I wouldn't say I am a fan, but they aren't gross.  I have lived in Texas almost my whole life (short blip in TN which is almost the same) and I have never owned a Keep Austin Weird anything, so bucket list check mark, I have a bumper sticker now and a shot glass, which is so very appropriate.  I have not played the Dino Hunt game yet but I did try the candle and although it does have an impressively long burning time, it doesn't really smell.  Like if you hold your nose to the candle its awesome, but once lit I haven't been able to smell it 🙁  All in all, this is one awesome box!  Super fun and of course, funky!  Support small businesses and support Texas y'all!

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