Best Yoga Clothing Subscription

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Best Athleisure Wear

This is my recap of the Best Yoga Clothing Subscription!

From YogaClub

YogaClub is your personal stylist for the yoga inspired life. Delivering high quality, brand name yoga apparel at an affordable prices. We are committed to empowering women to be active, confident and mindful in everything they take on.  YogaClub is more than a box of activewear, it’s a community of inspired women who share a passion for health, wellness, and giving back.  With our commitment to confidence extending far beyond the outfits we curate. At YogaClub, every box we deliver provides a day of yoga and meditation education to an elementary school child in need. One box, one class.

Frequency: Monthly or Quarterly —> YogaClub now has Quarterly Boxes

Cost: starting at $45!  My box below is the Guru at $79.  Sign up with my link & get 20% off your 1st box!

How to Sign Up for YogaClub

How it works:  Go to their website, click Get Styled, select your Style Package, then choose to either Take the Style Quiz or Choose a Pre-Set Style.  The 1st option is the one I did and it is the longer one (at about 3 minutes) and the 2nd is very fast.  Next you complete your sizes.  I have selected Small for Pants, Small/Medium for Pants blended sizes, Small for Shirts and Small/Medium for Shirt blended sizes, Small for Bra and Small/Medium for Bra blended size.

What is YogaClub

What are the 4 Options & How do Exchanges Work?

  • The Mantra $45 – receive 1 legging curated for you with an average retail price of $70 or more monthly.
  • The Karma $69 – receive 2 pieces curated for you with an average retail price of $100 or more monthly.
  • The Guru $79 – receive 3 pieces of premium brands curated for you with average retail price of $120 or more Monthly or Quarterly.

What's in my Activewear Subscription

I've labeled this post Best Yoga Clothing Subscription because this post is a recap of MY ALL TIME FAVORITES from may large yoga clothing line up and how awesome they have held up. I've been a subscriber to YogaClub for 14+ months now.  Yall that's about 15 tops, 13 sports bras and 14 yoga bottoms all sent to me with 0 work, 0 effort and 0 decisions to be made (the last part is best part).

So I have washed and worn all of these clothes many, many, MANY, many times.  I have not had even 1 piece fall apart, stretch out, or become unwearable at any point.  Now that I have so many items I have started trading and sharing with other athleisure wear clothing owners.  Everything I have still looks great and I think that is pretty awesome.  I know I say this often but I'm impressed with the caliber of clothing they provide at such a HUGE DISCOUNT.  As I type this I am wearing a Free People $88 hoodies I LOVE that I paid only $79 for AND I got a sports bra and yoga pants with it.  BAM!

Best Yoga Clothing Subscription

I interact with alot of subscription boxes and I've found it's rare to find one like YogaClub.  They offer fabulous brands, full curation and all shipped to you with a big discount.  Curation + shipping usually cost quite a bit extra over MSRP and YogaClub actually gives it to you cheaper.  Here are a few of my favorites outfits from 2017!

Want to see all my past unboxings?  Check them out here.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up for Yoga Club right here and right now for an additional 20% off —> Join YogaClub

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