Adult Gummy Vitamins – VitaFive

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Vegetarian Vitamins

About VitaFive

Healthy living catered to your life. Daily custom gummy vitamin packs sent directly to you every 4 weeks.  Vitafive offers personalized gummy vitamin packs on a subscription basis.  No more going to the store, no more organizing your vitamins in the morning, and no more cluttered vitamin jars filling up your kitchen cabinets. You can take these packs with you to work, to school, and even on vacation. The key to living a healthy life is being consistent. vitafive makes this easy and fun with our gummy vitamin packs. No commitment, no contract, no stress!

Pricing: Vitafive pricing

Frequency: Monthly

Coupon Code: 25tpe for 25% off

Our VitaFive Experience

Hola Yall!  I have the good stuff for this post….pure Vitamin powered energy!  Vitafive is an Adult Gummy Vitamin I have been taking and love.  VitaFive Vitamins is a Vitamin Subscription Box that is personalized.  You can choose one of their custom packs already done or you can build you own. Every month they send you your vitamins individually packaged so they and you are ready to be on-the-go.  When I first tried them I subscribed to the Immune pack and loved it.  When I picked them back up again I got the Active Pack and I am loving it.  So I signed my kids up for the VitaFive Kids Vitamins and they are loving them!

Adult Gummy Vitamins

Things that I love that Vitafive offers:

  • Customization – having the option to create a custom pack tailored to my specific needs
  • Vegan (5 of the 8 gummies), Vegetarian, Allergen Free and Gluten Free
  • Convenience – they are placed into individual packs for each day AND they are delivered to your door every month (so great for people who travel or are on-the-go)
  • Taste – the gummies taste amazing, which makes them not only popular with adults, but kids love them too.  I literally eat them as an afternoon snack.  My sweet tooth is satisfied & I took my vitamins.
  • Cuteness (yes this is important) – names on each of my packs

Want to see my reviews for the adult vitamins?  Check it out my VitaFive Reviews.

Health Without the Hassle! VitaFive Vitamins!  Ready to join me in getting healthier?  Sign up here for The Best Vitamins.

My 1000 Gifts list #5

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Books I Recommend

So I wrote out this entire post and saved it.  Came back to share it and it was gone.  I don't know what I did and I got so sad and just walked away.  After taking a few weeks to regroup and recount my blessings I am back.

This is my list of the 1000 beautiful gifts God has given me.  My Why for living!  My Why for fighting!  This is My Why for life itself!  Catch up on numbers 1 – 50 and to read my backstory please visit 1000 Gifts for Me!  To see 51 – 100 please visit My One Thousand Gifts list continued.  To see 101 – 149 go here My One Thousand Gifts list continues.  And my list of my One Thousand Gifts God has Given Me Numbers 150 – 199.

So today I start my new list with 200 – 249 [I’ll update this until I reach my goal]. My 1000 Gifts list #5 continued here…

200.  Crossway Bible Church and Pastor Josh

201.  Teachers who teach truth not comfort

202.  Studying Ecclesiastes

203.  Praise and Worship music

204.  The way we can access music just about anywhere we are

205.  Dave Ramsey and his education program

206.  The ability to work towards being 100% debt free

207.  The time and resources Dave Ramsey provides

208.  Christy Wright and her team

209.  Getting to listen to Christy on spotify and feeling so encouraged

210.  Education and the endless resource of it

211.  The internet

212.  XM Radion

213.  My readers on my blog

214.  My followers and likers on social media

215.  Those who encourage me to keep going when the going gets tough

216.  My husband's hard work ethic

217.  My husband ability to figure just about anything out

218.  Learning construction and how to remodel

219.  YouTube and YouTubers

My 1000 Gifts list

220.  Home Depot

221.  Floor and Decor

222.  Tile Floors

223. Luxury vinyl

224.  People who dedicate their time to show us how to install said floors

225.  People who give

226.  This house (it's so cute)

227.  Opportunties to expand and grow

228.  Our beautiful green grass

229.  Fertilizer

230.  Battery Powered lawn tools

231.  Rain

232.  Neighbors

233.  Our neighborhood swimming pool

234.  Our neighborhood swimming pool family get togethers

235.  Hair products

236.  A great hair diffuser

237.  That my job allows me to play with lots of hair products

238.  Curly hair

239.  My daughter's hair

240.  Hair products that smell yummy

241.  Sitting in bed watching movies with my hubby

242.  All of our detox times

243.  Laughing uncontrollably with my husband

244.  Watching my husband play video games while I read a book

245.  My husbands passion for icecream

246.  My growing passion for icecream

247.  That my girls love icecream

248.  Icecream LOL

249.  Making icecream sundaes as a family

My 1000 Gifts list #5

The Book:

My Why:

Laundry Room Makeover

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Yall I am soooo excited to share with you all our Pantry / MUD /Laundry Room Makeover!!!  If you have not seen the before photos then click here.  We bought this San Antonio Fixer Upper because it is in a great neighborhood, in the exact part of town we wanted to be in, with great bones.  What it doesn't have is optimal use of space or any design to it.  Both things we know we can fix.  So, we started on the right side of the house, the area walked through and used the most, and plan to just move right on across the home pretty much changing everything on the 1st floor.  Yikes, I know!  We are excited though.

Step 1, we took what was the laundry / hot water heater storage / garage entry room and turned into our Pantry and Mud and Laundry room plus it still is the entrance from the garage and the exit to the outdoor kitchen (yes you read that right, more coming on this soon).  I love the charm of the 1960's homes but those mommas cooked everything fresh, they didn't have pantries to store endless crap in.  Well, that didn't work for me.  So a pantry was installed in the space the hot water heater use to be, along with an adorable baking area just to the left to house all those large appliances.  Take a look at my fully custom pantry and baking area.

Laundry Room Makeover

Next we needed a space for the kid's to come in and drop everything.  So rather than take down the whole wall to expand the space I took down 1/2 the wall.  This saved us big $$$ because we didn't have to relocate any piping for the washer plus it provided a wall to create a mini mud room on.  This is one of the spaces I am most thankful for and one of the spaces that every time I explained it, got me funny looks.  LOL!  Check it out here.

I also wanted a designate home base and homework area so behind the door that leads into the house and across from the baking and pantry area I created this space.  Baskets for homework, books and current projects then just above it our marker and pin board combo hangs complete with calendar.  This piece is from PB Teen and it is amazing.  Click here to check it out.  I highly recommend creating a command center like this if you have kiddos.  I highly recommend this board too!

Then lastly the laundry room.  This was a MUCH needed space.  We have a small home and 4+ bodies at any time creating laundry.  I needed a space to store, organize, wash and clean in and THIS IS MY DREAM SPACE!  Now I have TONS of storage which is amazing.  I have a great dirty laundry organization system.  And I have all the space I need to stain treat, iron and hang dry delicates.  I am very thankful for this spot.

3 in 1 Space in Your Home

So all of the layout and designing of the construction was Jonathan and I.  The actual implementation of the construction and manual labor is my hubby Jonathan with me assisting.  And the decoration and comfiness of the space is Kaitlyn with Farmhouse Market store and interior design.  Yall, Jonathan & I had no problems constructing these spaces but when it came time to personalize them and make them cute we literally just stopped LOL.  Hiring Kaitlyn is the best decision we have made through this entire process!  She completed our vision and we couldn't be more excited.  She has a brick and mortar shop in North San Antonio but she also has everything online.  So you can shop decor online or like I do, shop on her Instagram.  Her IG has more to choose from because they can live share as they get it in which is awesome.  But when you hire Kaitlyn she shops everywhere.  She sourced items from Wayfair, Homegood, Amazon and more.  Plus you get a discount on anything you do buy from her actual shop (which has ALL THE CUTE THINGS).

If decorating doesn't come naturally to you, spend the money to hire a professional.  I promise you it is worth it!  It revolutionizes a space and takes it from cute to WOW!

Side by side Before and After Photos of these 3 rooms coming soon.

Cheap Personal Stylist – Stitch Fix Men & Women Review

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About Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is an online styling service that delivers a truly personalized shopping experience, just for you. Fill out your Style Profile and a personal stylist will hand pick pieces to fit your tastes, needs and budget—and mail them directly to your door. Each box contains five items of clothing, shoes and accessories for you to try on at home.  Keep what you love, send the rest back in a prepaid USPS envelope. Shipping and returns are free—even for exchanges! No subscription required.

Cost: $55  per item average price point

Frequency: You Decide!  Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Etc

Who Can Shop: Women’s sizes 0-24W and XS-3X and Men’s sizes XS-XXL

My Stitch Fix Experience

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Cheap Personal Stylist 😉  Both Jonathan Ivy and I liked our August Stitch Fix boxes however it was quite a mixed bag.  BOTH of our boxes are a mix of Fall clothing and early Summer clothing LOL.  When we were out taking these photos we were complimented several times on our bright, summery looks LOL.  Since we liked the clothes we kept them and plan on just saving them for next year.  I mean, it's hot enough to wear them now but a bit vibrant for the season haha.

The 1st top below is a bit better, cute fall top but still made of thin material so it's comfy for Fall in Texas!  I LOVE Jonathan's watermelon shirt.  The girl's kept calling him a fruit cake!  Love the green shorts too, he needed a fresh pair and the length is perfect.  Jonathan ended up keeping his whole box which also included 3 more shirts – the Brennan Vintage Stripe Tee, the Waterline New Jersey Tee and the Stockholm Stretch Poplin Shirt which is so Zack Morris, it's awesome.  I only kept 2 of the 5 and those are shown below.

Cheap Personal Stylist

West Kei Allan Tie Sleeve Blouse in Navy size XS – $38.00

Dear John White Denim is not from this box but can be found at Stitch Fix and more instantly online from Farmhouse Market.

Dear John White Denim

Kaileigh Rossano V-Neck Top in Green size XS – $36.00

Kaileigh Rossano V-Neck Top

Barney Cools Holiday Pink Watermelon Shirt in Pink size Large – $69.00 & the Original Paperbacks Harbor Hemmed Short in Light Green size 33 – $65.00

Here are the items I did not keep.  I LOVE the Minnie Print Shorts but with my lack of butt, they did not fit me right *cry*.

We took a few photos together and our photographer and friend Barely Blonde caught the best outtake we have had yet!  Mid pose swap I accidentally copped a feel much to Jonathan Ivy's delight LOL.  Oy!

Perhaps you love the idea of Stitch Fix for a friend?  Buy a Stitch Fix Gift Card here!

Want to see more from Stitch Fix?  Go check out some of my past Cheap Personal Stylist fixes I have received, I have been crushing on Stitch Fix for well over 2 years now!

—> My Stitch Fix Wardrobe <—

Our 1968 Fixer Upper – DIY Remodeling

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Hey Guys!  We did a Thing!  So a few of you *might* already be following along on social media as we began the remodeling of our 1968 home in San Antonio. TX.  We were not doing a DIY, we were hiring this puppy out (or so we thought).  We mapped out a plan for the remodel and construction, hired a contractor and got started.  Some 7 weeks into our 3 week remodel (yeah you read that right) we had to fire our contractor and gut out quite a bit he “finished”.  This is where the DIY portion unexpectedly began.

I am going to bounce back in time and recap just some of our story in a future post but for now I wanted to post a teaser.  We started on what was once the laundry/pantry/hot water heater room.  A total of less than 50 sq ft and expanded it to 113 sq ft and made it the MUD room/Pantry/Laundry room and it is awesome! Anyone else have a 3 in 1 room because they have a small house?!  The entire design was laid out by Jonathan Ivy & I which was scary because we have never done this before.  50% of the actual construction was done by Jonathan Ivy & I.  And the decorating has been done by my designer Kaitlyn with Farmhouse Market and myself.  AND SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING YALL!

Our 1968 Fixer Upper

Here are some Before photos for your enjoyment:

The above photos are what the house looked like when we bought it.  No pantry really, just the cabinets in the 1st photo on the right opened to a couple shelves.  This whole space had no AC or heat in it which made it hot and humid in the summer and freezing *Texas* cold in the winter.  Then on the other side of the laundry wall was garage storage that had a sink.  This is where my master re-lay out plan inspiration came from.  I wanted a sink in the laundry space but that never worked out HOWEVER I can't wait to show you where I did put a sink and very near by.  Eeekkk!  Below are just a few of the mistakes taking place by our then contractor that we let go and ended up (unplanned) finishing the room ourselves.

DIY Remodeling

We experienced bad texturing, misaligned corners, gaps in craftsmanship and much much more!  So rather than continue to fight the battle, we fired our contractor and proceeded to try to hire another.  Well, we couldn't find anyone who would come in and clean up the mess!  We interviewed 20+ contractors with no luck so we decided to finish this space on our own.  After all, we had been babysitting this contractor for months now.  We literally were WORKING along side him to keep mistakes from happening.  NOBODY KNEW THIS PROJECT BETTER THAN US AT THIS POINT.  In the blog posts to come we will share how we build shelves, laid tile, hung barn doors, stripped 6+ layers of paint off a vintage door, and much more!  Stay tune to our little adventure here to get Tips, Tricks and Stores we found great deals and products at.  We have partnered with some amazing companies like Sinkology, Farmhouse Market, and more to bring this vision to completion.  Final photos are coming soon of this 3 in 1 space!

If you aren't already follow along on IG & Facebook.  We post alot of tips and behind the scenes there.  In our IG saved stories you can relive our contractor nightmare. As well as already see how we laid our tile floor in the 3 in 1 room!  Join us!

To see the Final Photos click the button below!!!!

The Prairie at Round Top Review – Round Top TX

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The Prairie at Round Top Review

Travel & Experience: The Prairie at Round Top Review & Round Top TX

Travel Experiences


The Prairie at Round Top Review

Where We Stayed

The Prairie at Round Top in the Found Cottage and it is SO CUTE!!!

  • Very Clean- As a few of you might know, I'm a germ-a-phobe!  So I bring Lysol anti-bacterial wipes with me everywhere.  We self check in because we arrived late and that was very easy. We head to the most adorable cabin ever and I  immediately start to wipe things down.  The bed is clean and solid white with no stains.  The sinks and showers all perfectly clean.  The solid white couch and chairs, all clean with no staining. I am very very impressed!
  • The Cabin has its own parking spot and is the medium size cabin on site.  2 bed + 2 bath + extra sleep spaces throughout.  The bathrooms are big and it has a cute little kitchenette.  We absolutely LOVED it.
  • Breakfast – they served breakfast in The Guest House each morning and IT IS TO DIE FOR.  I swear Jonathan and I haven't eaten that good in ages LOL!
  • Location – just around the corner from downtown Round Top.  And very closer to Brenham, Carmine, and Warrenton.  Great spot to stay during Antique Week!
  • The Guest House – the hub and hang out spot has indoor and outdoor seating.  Snacks and water always on the counter and music with books inside.
  • Customer Service was amazing!  Everyone was very helpful and kind.  On Wednesday when everything in Round Top is closed the sweet gal who runs the venue called a friend who owned an antique shop to open up for us and she did.  Above & Beyond Service!
  • the Shower – soooooooo good!  Yall I am picky!  I need hot (nearly scald your skin off hot Jonathan would say) hot water and good water pressure.  This shower had both and it is heaven!

The Prairie at Round Top Review

How Long We Stayed: 4 days and 3 nights

Good for Kids: Yes not geared for kids but it would work well

Food + Drink

  • Teagues Tavern – not a place I would normally go to and eat on vaca but it was the only place open on Monday and Tuesday sooooo.  Food and service was good, very limited and slightly pricey menu.
  • Royers Sound Top Cafe – A MUST GO TO SPOT!  Yummy food and amazing pies and super cool building!  Highly recommend!!!
  • Two Sparrows Coffee – we never made it here but heard awesome things and will definitely go straight here next time we are in town.
  • The Garden Co. – this is down the road and Schulenburg and definitely a must go to.  Super cute venue, yummy food and beautiful garden center.  Highly recommend!!!

Best Features

  • Visit Thursday – Sunday and everything is alive and happening, especially the antique stores and the good food
  • Visit during the Antique shows September – October for a wild and fun time
  • There is a Meadery just down the road we want to visit next time we are in town
  • The only antique store we got to visit was Bill Moore Antiques and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you stop by there.  They have everything!  I bought 2 doors and a buffet that are the cutest.
  • And the infamous Junk Gypsy store is located here too

Round Top TX Bed and Breakfast


  • do not visit Monday – Wednesday, there is literally nothing open
  • the closest real grocery store is in Brenham, so pick up everything you need before you get to town
  • if you are doing big shopping bring your own trailer, renting from places like uHaul isn't the easiest here
  • as this B&B there is no hot tub or pool

What's Near By

  • Warrenton, TX which is a big part of the antique show
  • Brenham, TX which is a small city, it has everything
  • Carmine, TX has good antiques and some more food options

So this wraps up my The Prairie at Round Top Review!  Hope that you found this helpful.  If I missed a topic you would have liked to of known more of please comment below.  Happy Vacationing Friends!

Books I Recommend – Reading is Detoxing!

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The Pink Envelope's Book Recommendations

Hey Guys, reading is something I have always loved to do but struggle finding time to do.  But I'm back on the bandwagon hence the post.  So, here is a list of books I recommend!


Psychological/Self Help:

Because we all need a little self help!


This list of business books for mompreneurs will grow!

Books I Recommend


Some great romance books for busy moms

Humorous Fiction:


Big Magic Book


Books I recommend you read for education, fun, detoxing, entertainment and more!

Books I Recommend

Best Athleisure Wear – YogaClub

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Best Athleisure Wear

About YogaClub

Whether you’re on the mat, in the gym, or out to brunch – YogaClub lets you look and feel amazing with premium brand yoga apparel that’s as comfortable to wear as it is on your budget. Every month, YogaClub delivers up to $160 worth of high quality, name brand yoga apparel & accessories directly to your door in a pretty box for as low as $79 / month. Yes, you read that right — every box saves you up to 60% on retail prices letting you look ah-maze-ing without breaking the bank.

Click the button to save 20% off your first box!  Or subscribe to The Pink Envelope and I can send you a personal $50 off!

Frequency: Monthly

Cost: starting at $79.  Sign up with my link & get 20% off!!!

My YogaClub Experience

Best Athleisure Wear hands down! It's always so exciting when my YogaClub box arrives!  I love having the yoga clothing sent to my door.  Yoga clothes are just one of those things I really dislike trying on in stores. Problem Solved!!!  I now just have them curated, shipped to my door so that I can try on in my own home and a HUGE discount.  *Cheers to that*  YogaClub has my heart!

See my 7th Yoga Club Review here

I review and have interacted with alot of subscription boxes over the last year and it is very rare to find one that offers fabulous brands, fully curated and shipped to you at a big discount like YogaClub does.  Curation + shipping usually cost quite a bit extra over MSRP and YogaClub actually gives it to you cheaper than you can get on your own.

In this box I received:

  • Teeki Phoenix Rising Hot Pant in Charcoal in size small, MSRP $72.
  • Free People Top in white in size small, MSRP $48.
  • Hela Dagen Studio Bra in onyx black in size small, MSRP $60.

So total MSRP for the 3 items is $180 and I only paid $79….that is a $101 savings AND it was sourced for me and shipped to my door!!!!!!!  The leggings fit amazingly and I am already in love.  The bra is very comfy too.  And the shirt is so funky I fell in love and I wore it to work today.  So yes, I am wearing it now and it's awesomely comfy.  Yoga Clothes Sent to Your Door for the win!

Best Athleisure Wear

See May's Yoga Club Unboxing Here (also featuring Teeki)

What are you waiting for?  Sign up for Yoga Club right here and right now for 20% off —> Join YogaClub