Jesus Drank Wine Tank – Happy Saturday

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Jesus Drank Wine Tank

Happy Saturday Friends!!! Tank from Texas Sweet Tees, they don’t have it in stock any more so you can order a similar tank here or a t-shirt version here. Wine cup, always a hit, get your wine sippy cup here. Monogram – Want to add your monogram to your cup like me?  Check out Monogram Monthly subscription or just purchase a … Read More

Wearhaus Earbuds hit Kickstart Today!

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Wearhaus earbuds

About Wearhaus We believe that music is meant to be shared, and that listening to music together in person brings people closer together. With the Wearhaus Arc, we’re making it simple to listen to a song with a friend and enjoy the shared experience anywhere. Wearhaus Earbuds hit Kickstart Today! What To Know Their Kickstarter campaign will launch today, June … Read More

Dolly Estelle Tee Pees – a girl’s wonderland

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Dolly Estelle Tee Pees

A Little Girl’s Wonderland   Ok y’all, we bought this tent several months ago from the amazing Dolly Estelle Tee Pees for the sole purpose of this photo shoot.  Well the tee pee ended up becoming my 3 year old bed, we placed her toddler mattress inside the tee pee and she sleeps in there every night.  It’s way cuter and more … Read More

Klutch Handbags Photo Shoot

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Featuring Klutch Handbags Seeing that here in Houston it has been like 105 every day I thought I would post something to lighten and cool things down a bit.  I give you Klutch Handbags!  I met Meagan, the owner and lead designer at Klutch while living in Dallas.  We have both since moved to Houston and reunited.  When she called … Read More