Bloggers Meet Photographer #2

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Kaley Gross Photography

I am so excited to share our 2nd Bloggers Meet Photographers photo shoot with you all.  The amazing Chateau Polonez in North Houston opened their doors to 4 Bloggers and 4 Photographers to shoot and share with each other.  Here are my favorite photos of each blogger from Houston Photographer Atascocita Photography. Culture Hunt Houston – a Houston Travel, Shopping … Read More

Do Not Turn on Instagram Post Notifications

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Instagram Notifications

Why Turning on IG Post Notifications Will NOT Help (but annoy) YOU! Do Not Turn on Instagram Post Notifications!   Instagram’s New Algorithms are NOT Bad, they are Just Different! So who has seen roughly 100000 times this weekend on IG, “Instagram is changing, click here to turn on your Notifications so you can keep seeing my post“?  Well I … Read More

Closet Cleanout

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The Pink Envelope

So I finally dove in and got start on my Closet Cleanout even though when I did the clean out it technically was not Spring yet and I am so glad I did.  The end results are amazing!  So the question I received alot was, “How did you get started?” Answer: It didn’t happen over night and this closet cleanout did … Read More

Keys to Successful Subscribing

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subscription life

Here are the keys to successful subscribing: Never subscribe to something without getting a referral link 1st. You get a discount and your friends gets a bonus. Follow my blog to get links & discounts! Subscribe with a discount so you can try it out first for practically free (see point above on how). When you get it, immediately try … Read More