Cheap Photos for Bloggers in North Houston

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So Bloggers Meet Photographers is just awesome!  All the times we have met up new friends were made, great photos were captured and lots of laughter exchanged. So what is it?  Cheap Photos for Bloggers in North Houston thats what!  Here are the photos from meet up #4.  Houston Fashion Photographer Jonathan Ivy knocked it out of the park.  I really want to share a bit of each blogger with you all.  Want to join in our next shoot, sign up below:

Hot Sauce & High Heels: The one place to find the best deals, events, happy hours and local restaurants in Houston, TX.  Here are 4 of her looks from our last meet up.

Gracefully Sassy: Enchanting this world with my petite grace and bourbon sass way of style!

Val Around Town & Resplendently Living were there too rocking the camera and having fun.  Houston has the best bloggers!  This month's theme is white on white, classic studio and we will be shooting photos like this:

Join us this coming week by signing up here – 

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