Cop a C.A.B. Review – Men’s Accessories Subscription

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About Cop a C.A.B.

From Cop a C.A.B. – We usually get two questions from people when they hear about us? Let’s just answer them right now so we can get you ordering and going where you want to go. The first question is, “Well what makes you different from the other boxes out there?” Yes we know that other subscription boxes for men exist, but we are very different in the way we provide our awesome monthly subscriptions. Each box is carefully curated for the subscriber! We know that you are a dapper dresser, so we provide a box with a name brand tie, lapel pin, pocket square and a stylishly coordinating pair of socks . The next question, is “What does the C.A.B stand for?” C.A.B. is an acronym which stands for Classic Accessories in a Box! Like a man’s fashion that should always evolve, so does the “C” in the name. Each month it will be different to cater to a man’s growing style. It could be “Classic”, “Cool”, “Charming”, or anything that speaks to you and can help enhance your style. Our goal is to provide you with the right accessories to – Just Stand Out!

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Cop A C.A.B. Review

This is my very 1st Cop a C.A.B. men’s accessories subscription box and I have to say, I like it.  There are ALOT of men’s accessories subscription boxes out there that offer these same set of products so it is not very unique or different but the quality of product is great, the styling is great and the customer service is great so if you are looking for a monthly subscription of men’s accessories, you will like this one.  I showed this particular set to several guy friends who dress quite fashionably and the 1st word they all used was “flamboyant but nice”.  It is a Colorful set and that is exactly what this month’s theme is CAB – Colorful Accessories in a Box.  Check out the photos below and give me your thoughts in the comments section below.


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