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Do Not Turn on Instagram Post Notifications

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Why Turning on IG Post Notifications Will NOT Help (but annoy) YOU!

Do Not Turn on Instagram Post Notifications!


Instagram's New Algorithms are NOT Bad, they are Just Different!

So who has seen roughly 100000 times this weekend on IG, “Instagram is changing, click here to turn on your Notifications so you can keep seeing my post“?  Well I have a couple things to share with you all about this.  You do NOT need to turn on the post notifications to continue to see the pages you love.  All this will do is BLOW UP  your phone with text messages letting you know every single time anyone posts therefore overwhelming you and killing your phone battery.

Here is what YOU SHOULD DO:

  1. If you like a photo, double tap it and show it some love!
  2. If you really like something someone's putting out, comment on it. This is what IG is all about, the interaction!
  3. If you really really like somethings someone created, double tap, comment then share it with others.  This is why IG was created!
  4. If you are genuinely showing your pages some love, they will still pop up in your Instagram feed. I mean, I have notifications on for a few of all all time fav pages that I don't want to miss content for, but I'm talking like 3-5 pages, which is manageable.
  5. DO NOT FREAK OUT, Social media changes, lets learn to roll with the punches and grow with it.

So the new algorithms are similar but not the same as Facebook's, here's why:

  1. Brands and People are ranked differently on Facebook, they are ranked the same on Instagram.  So a profile is a profile!
  2. Algorithms don't take place all at once, they are implemented and grow over time (so NO everything isn't going to change today, tomorrow or the next day)
  3. Quality over Quantity is still true!
  4. Know your times to post, when you post is key to people interacting, learn your times.
  5. Content is king!  Post good stuff and you won't have to worry.

So, what I am saying is…Do not turn on post notifications for me unless I'm in your top 5 favorite pages (oh and you love learning about fab subscription boxes and entering giveaways). @ThePinkEnvelope

Side Note – I actually think that people are hurting themselves by asking everyone to sign up rather than engage because people within the week are going to be pissed off at their phones because of your notifications.  Just a little thought.



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7 Comments on “Do Not Turn on Instagram Post Notifications”

  1. Samantha

    Amen! I thought this same thing when I started seeing the “turn on the notifications” posts. I’m glad you point out it is a simple matter of interaction.

  2. Samantha

    This is the BEST ! Thank for the down-to-earth, chilled perspective on Instagram. Change is good! #notonotifications. The people who genuinely love your posts will find you. It’s a great opportunity to really focus on being authentic and truly engaging with your fans and fellow IG’ers.x

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