Dolly Estelle Tee Pees – a girl’s wonderland

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A Little Girl's Wonderland


Ok y'all, we bought this tent several months ago from the amazing Dolly Estelle Tee Pees for the sole purpose of this photo shoot.  Well the tee pee ended up becoming my 3 year old bed, we placed her toddler mattress inside the tee pee and she sleeps in there every night.  It's way cuter and more fun than a plain ol twin bed.  Well she and my 5 year old just recently started sleeping together in the 5 year old's room so I stole the tee pee back for the photo shoot.  A month after I bought the tent I went over to Aidan Grace to buy their outfits.

Now I had everything I wanted and just had to find time.  A few more months passed by but FINALLY the stars aligned and bigger and better than I could have imagined.  We even got a bunny to play with!!!!!

Dolly Estelle Tee Pees

Y'all this bunny made this photo shoot even more fun!  My 5 year old has wanted a bunny so bad but until she can become more responsible this momma isn't taking on another pet/child.  This shoot was so good because it gave my daughter a chance to understand how active bunnies can be and we got to talk about what some bunny chores would look like while she held and played with her.  At the end of the shoot she told me she still wants a bunny but doesn't feel she is all the way ready to be a bunny mom quite yet.  And I have to say, I agree with her although this little guy did melt me heart.

Dolly Estelle Tents

Dolly Estelle Tents

Dolly Estelle Tee Pees

Dolly Estelle Tee Pees

So this is the tee pee my 3 year old has been sleeping in.  She LOVES sleeping inside it and my 5 year old wants her own tee pee soooo bad.  We can't quite justify the cost right now but hopefully someday.  In the mean time, she can have a tee pee photo to hang in her (unicorn) bedroom.  Dolly Estelle Tee Pees for the win!!!

Dolly Estelle Tents

Moms, a bit of encouragement.  So often all the hard work, energy, worry, and time you put in is overlooked and I want to stop and say, “Well Done!”.  The thing is, when everyone and everything is functioning and moving right along nobody realizes all you do.  It's not until you stop doing that the amount of work you carry is recognized.  Hang in there momma, you are doing awesome!  (ok I'm talking to you and myself on this particular day)  These photos are my reward to momming it up and keeping the world afloat!


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