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Happy Easter From My Family to Yours

Happy Easter From My Family to Yours

As Christians, we celebrate Easter for a very specific reason, one that has years of controversy wrapped around it. About two thousand years ago, God sent His only Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life and to die for our sins. But Jesus did not stay dead; He rose from the dead! So we celebrate Jesus’ death for our sins and His resurrection (key part).  Biblically speaking, there is absolutely no connection between the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the common modern traditions related to Easter Sunday.  In our family we still do extra large rabbit cages filled with bunnies, eggs and more.  My kids love the hunt and hanging with family and friends but first and foremost we celebrate what Jesus did for us and where the source for this holiday came from.

One of my requests for Easter was to do a photo shoot of my girls and my husband made it happen.  Here are a few of their photos from The Woodlands Studio in North Houston.

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