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About Julep

Creators of unique beauty products & customizable monthly boxes. Supporters of fearless experimentation. Believers in every day as a chance to Brave Pretty.  Julep Beauty Box!

My Julep Experience

This is what I wrote March 2016 and today Nov 2017, I must admit…I miss Julep —> So I hate to say it but….this is officially my last Julep Maven box.  I have to pause my subscription for a bit.  I have WAY too many fingernail polishes, makeup brushes and well makeup in general.  So although I am sad to pause my subscription I am happy to start diving in deeper and playing with the fabulous Julep items I already own.  Haven’t tried Julep?  Perhaps you are looking for a great eyeliner or fingernail polish, I highly recommend you subscribe above or below and join the many who have fallen in love with this awesome brand.  They really create fab products!

Well it has been over 1.5 years since I subscribed and most of the glitter nail polishes I have had to throw out, they didn't last.  But the other polishes are awesome.  Most have been completely used and those that are still standing are really almost empty.  After over a year of using their nail polishes I have concluded they are not only an amazing deal but they have an excellent variety and the longevity on natural nails is amazing.  Julep Nail Polishes are some of my favorites!

Out of all their nail polishes they offer, and they have alot of them, their Liquid Holographic Nail Polishes are off the hook!!!!  Just tonight, I painted my nails with Mari Bombshell #5176 from mid 2016 and it is gorgeous!!!  So I am here to say, I am ready for Julep to be back in my life.  I need nail polish, eye liner, makeup in general and more.  Here are some photos from past boxes and future items I hope to get.  Julep Beauty Box

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