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Latino Box Review – October 2016 Subscription Box

About Latino Box

Discover delicious LATIN AMERICAN snacks in a monthly surprise box.  When you sign up for Latino Box, you will receive a monthly surprise box of carefully selected snacks and candy from different Latin American countries. It's like exploring Latin America through your taste buds!

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Latino Box Review

Latino Box Review

Just looking at this box is fun, it looks like a party!  The colors on the box are vibrant and the confetti is super fun.  Inside there are 15 items!!!  Most of these I have never heard of and I can't wait to try.  The Don Satur Bizcochos dulces look SOOO good!  Other like the Platanitos Plantain Chips are a 50/50 for me.  Then other items like the Nestlē Savoy Chocolate con Leche look like perfection.  We will taste them all and come back around the give you feedback.  I'm pretty sure with this box I will have several willing sports!


Quality of Product9
Reader Rating1 Vote9.4
Latino Pricing
Mini Box (6 items) $16.00
Mini Box $46.50 for 3 Months
Mini Box $90.00 for 6 Months
Big Box (12+ items) $29.00
Big Box $84.00 for 3 Months
Big Box $162.00 for 6 Months
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