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About Le Tote

We’re introducing a new way to shop — rent your clothes and accessories! Le Tote is the endless closet you can wear, return and repeat.

Frequency: monthly and you can skip

Cost: starting at $79 and there are 3 options for classic and maternity.  Shipping is included both ways.

  • $79 classic & $89 maternity for 5 clothing items & 3 accessories
  • $99 classic & $109 maternity for 7 clothing items & 3 accessories
  • $119 classic & $129 maternity for 10 clothing items & 3 accessories

Recommend: Yes – this is one you have to try at least once.  Use code SAVE20 & when you sign up by clicking below you get $20 off your 1st month!

My Le Tote Experience

So I am so intrigued by this program so I just had to try it!  I really think it's a brilliant idea.  Here is a little bit about my experience:  The 1st tote that was auto built for me I did not like.  It was clearly built by the computer based on algorithms which I found unimpressive.  However, you can swap out your clothes online before the ship so I did. I went to edit my tote and the site became very glitchy & slow.  But after a little bit it seem to work itself out.  I also try to stop swapping pages so many time.  In my style quiz I avoided all sportswear and Nike related thing and yet in my tote there was a sport tee with the Nike logo across the front….No Thank You.  Once I got the hang of the “swap out” process it was easier to change the items I didn’t care for out of my tote BUT it did take quite a bit of time to do so.  I ended up swapping EVERYTHING out of my box LOL and choosing my own stuff so we will see.

Clothing Rental Subscription

I had a billing issue (my fault) and had to contact Customer Service and they were awesome and fixed it super fast.  After completing my Style Quiz my tote popped right up but I also received an e-mail said “It's Customizing Tote Time”.  This came very quickly so I think its safe to assume computers style you not a real people.  My box shipped very quickly and I got my box much sooner than anticipated which was exciting.  VIDEO COMING SOON!!!!  I JUST HAD TO GET THIS OUT & SHARE WITH YOU (i'm editing the video soon) If you have not watched the unboxing video above stop and go do so.  Click the big photo up top.  Below you can see me wearing some of the clothes.

The Calvin Klein Jeans are so skinny at the calf and ankle, I didn’t even come close to getting them on LOL.  The Ava Paperbag pant zipper is broke but the waist has some stretch to it so I got them on pretty easily.  Also the Summer & Sage top is pretty stretched out but look decent on.  See for yourself above.  Everything smells good/ has no scent which is nice.  Everything is pretty much wrinkle free.  And they carry great brands.  I wish they included a style guide of some sort with the clothes (especially since they are reusing the same clothes over and over so it’s not like they are re-inventing the wheel).  Helps those of us that are style challenged LOL.  If you buy your whole tote and get your next month’s rentals free.  Oh and they do offer sale prices on items.

If you have not watched the full unboxing where you can see everything inside plus hear about the items and their prices go to the top and click the big photo *VIDEO WILL BE COMING SOON*!

2 Comments on “Le Tote – Clothing Rental Subscription”

  1. Samantha

    Love your videos! I’m going to try Le Tote! The shirt that had a ribbon through the sleeve..that looked like one of those try on nylon socks at the shoe store 😉

    1. Samantha

      Haha now that you said that, that is exactly what I see. So funny! And yes, definitely give it a try. It’s a cool concept and a great way to get anyone out of a fashion rut.

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