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Marky Box Review – Monthly Art Projects

About Marky Box

Get monthly art projects designed for individuals and families by world-class artists and educators.Experience big dreaming, inspiring, real world together time—out of the box!

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Marky Box Review

Y'all, this is exciting!  This box is super heavy and has me intrigued!  The outside of the box is very well labeled and eye-catching.  When you open the box you see “Creativity in the Making”.  So I started pulling out the items inside.  Looks like I received a Siblings Box as there are two of everything. 2 Hydro-stone Powders, 2 Alginate powders, Bronze Paint, Mixing boxes & sticks, instructions on how to mix, masks and more!  So I was excited to see this box but my husband is super excited about it.  We have not tried it out yet but we will be very soon.  This looks so cool and is completely different from any Art Subscription box we have ever received.  I know my kids will love this.  More to come!!!

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Marky Box Pricing
$30.00 for 1 month
$160.00 for 6 Months
$300.00 for 12 Months
Gift Cards are Available!
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