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From LustBox – LustBox ship simultaneously as subscription orders, see countdown on next page. Need a gift right away? Don’t worry, you’ll receive a downloadable voucher to give as a gift. After that we handle the rest! Our door is always open, join and leave as you like. We create a box filled with 4 full-size items. Receive your personal gift!

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I have to admit I have reviewed ALOT of mens accessories subscription boxes and this one is not my personal favorites.  To start, 1 item was missing from my box, 2nd the sock quality is only ok and lastly I had no idea what the band thing was until I looked at the directive card which told me it was a watch band.  Now I’m not sure what watch it goes with but I’m sure it goes to one.  Another thing is the exchange rate makes the price for those of us in the US a bit high. All in all I am not a personal fan of this mens subscription box.

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