So we tried our very 1st Men's Clothing Subscription- Five Four Club today.  This was an exciting one as we have not tried any of the men's lines yet.  So USPS arrives and we rush out to the box and there sits a less than impressive looking bag.  No worries, great things come in small packages….sometimes….but this wasn't the case.  As we proceeded to open the bag we find clothing wrapped in beat up tissue paper, once again, less than impressed.  We open the tissue to find an odd shaped, what appears to be a women's coat and a good looking button down.  My hubby tries on the coat and we burst into laughter, it looks like he is wearing one of my coats in his size.  Hilarious!!!  He then tries on the shirt, it fits well and looks good.  All in all the quality seems cheap, exchanges can only be made for size, they do not accept returns.  The price is $60 a month and they just send you 2 items based on your style profile.  So the element of surprise is fun but this time it just didn't work in our favor.  We will be unsubscribing from Men's Clothing Subscription- Five Four Club.

Men's Clothing Subscription- Five Four Club

*Update – So I called customer service to cancel my Men's Clothing Subscription- Five Four Club and they were incredible!  They will be exchanging the item that I was calling the “women's coat” for a new more curated item as a favor (they said a lot of people were complaining about the goofy coat), as well as extending yet another discount to me for November so we can try it out again.  So, more to come next month.  Stay tuned!

Unboxing Video:

*Disclaimer: these are just my opinions and I apologize in advance for misspelling, typos & overall nonsense (ie: keyword stuffing)!

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