My One Thousand Gifts list continues

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This is my list of the 1000 beautiful gifts God has given me.  My Why for living!  My Why for fighting!  This is My Why for life itself!  To catch up numbers 1 – 50 and to read my backstory please visit 1000 Gifts for Me!  To see 51 – 100 please visit My One Thousand Gifts list continued.

My list of my One Thousand Gifts God has Given Me Numbers 101 – 149 [I’ll update this until I reach my goal].  My One Thousand Gifts list continues here…

101. Long sleeve shirts with thumb holes

102. my *new* 1958 home just bought

103. beautiful white pane windows, hoping to own some soon

104.  heaters

105.  fire places and fire pits

106. Looking at Christmas lights

107. God providing (yet again) to fulfill financial needs that seemed dire

108. Family members who turn their lives upside to help

109. Family members who live on grace and not expectations

110. The Holidays!!!

111. Watching how excited my girls get buying other gifts

112. Helping the man we saw fall on the sidewalk and sharing with my girls how to show love to others

113. Creating distance and new securities

114. Growing closer to my hubby as we grow closer to Christ

115. Visiting new churches and seeing new traditions

116. Listening to my daughter sing (to her own tune) I Love Jesus while skipping through the HEB parking lot

117. Watching my girls play together

118. Watching my husband play with my girls

119. Hearing how much they love their school

120. Watch my girls in chapel at school (I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME)

121. Listening to my oldest tell random people about Jesus

122. Rewarding my kids for doing good

123. Listening to my oldest read books to the family

124. Watching my youngest trying to figure out something confusing to her

125. Seeing how Jesus has removed so much gross that we were just use to living with in our lives

126. Watching God cut the bad and “dead” away and making us new again

127. Seeing how God has been working on something in our lives we never even knew was happening

128. Seeing Jonathan Ivy Photo's growth, success and opportunity in San Antonio

129. How exciting each new park, restaurant and place is

130. The amazing culture in San Antonio

131. The way I feel when my husband randomly tells me I am beautiful!

132. The way I feel every night when I see my husband smiling at me as my hair is a mess, my face is washed & I'm putting on my sleep mask to fall asleep!  I do not see what he sees LOL

133. My husband's even extending grace to those who hurt him over and over.

134. My husband's ability to remain calm in situations where I simply could not

135. Our family's dedication to break generational sins!

My One Thousand Gifts list continues!

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