Panty Drop Review

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About Panty Drop

Subscription underwear box for women. Drop panties, not bombs. We deliver a great box of panties to your door every 3 months.

Panty Drop Review

So we just hosted our panty battle called Knicker's Knock-Out where 8 panty and underwear subscriptions battled for a chance to win an exclusive title as best of.  Panty Drop won Best Materials!!!  I would like to add that I actually voted for them on several other categories too.  I absolutely LOVE this panty subscription!  The quality is great, the patterns are cute, the styles diverse and overall an awesome panty box!  Panty Drop definitely ranked at the top of my favorites!  Below are a couple of photos of the panties in my box.  Use code VDAYGIFTS17 to get 20% off your Valentine's subscription!

This is a highly recommended Valentine's gift for the lady in your life!

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Pantry Drop Pricing
Basic Panties (set of 3) - $35.00
Premium Panties (set of 3) - $65.00
Panty Drop Coupon Code
VDAYGIFTS17 for 20% off

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