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About PinchMe

At PINCHme, we love to try new products before we buy them. We created PINCHme to serve as a destination for members to sample products from the worlds leading brands, for free. All we ask is that you tell us what you think.

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Pinch Me Review

My Pinch Me Unboxing & Sample Tuesdays:

This box is a bit different from my normal unboxings, this is a sample box where you share about the things you like online and select offers to participate in and then they send them to you 100% free in exchange for use and reviews.  Note most of these are sample size so if you don’t like samples this isn’t for you.  One of my 1st boxes came with 13 items to try, another one of my boxes came with 3 samples to check out.  Each box varies.  Use the button above to sign up and join me every Tuesday for Sample Tuesday (so we release our posts on Monday to keep you up to date).


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