Pucker Up by Piper – LipSense Review

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About Pucker Up by Piper

Waterproof, kiss proof, smudge proof, long-wear lipstick sold by Piper!

To order head over to Piper's page below, give it a like and send her a message.  She will get you set!

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Pucker Up by Piper Review

LipSense Review

When Piper sent me the Razzberry LipSense I hadn't really heard much about the brand so I was intrigued.  I read the instruction included and followed them exactly.  It was super easy to apply and it looked great!  After finishing 3 layers of the lip color I applied the gloss top coat.  I wish that the gloss top coat was not in tiny packets but in a tube just like the lip color.  Perhaps mine was in the packets because I was sampling the product.  Something not noted that I learned through experience is that it does not take much gloss.  If you put too much on gravity will pull it off and down your chin 🙂  So when I applied LipSense the next day I lightly applied the gloss and it was great.  I wore the lip color for 3-4 hours each time before needing to touch up some.  The color remained perfect that entire time and it wasn't too sticky and didn't dry out.  It also didn't transfer to anything my lips touched (see wine glass photo below).  It was pretty impressive!  I love the product, the color and the end results and I do recommend LipSense!  So go now and team with Piper so that she can find your color matches and get you set.  Also ask her about their other beauty products!


Quality of Product9.5
Reader Rating1 Vote10
Pucker Up by Piper
Prices vary per product, this Lip Color is $25

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