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About Sock Club

Established in 2012. Located in Austin, Texas. Sock Club founders, Noah and Dane, began Sock Club because they wanted to share their love of socks with the world. They started small, curating awesome socks from other labels, and soon decided that they wanted to focus on American manufacturing. Now all of Sock Club’s socks are designed in Austin, and proudly made with cotton grown and knit in the Southeastern United States. Our socks now go everywhere in the world, building a tradition of style, quality, and comfort. A Sock Club subscription provides family and friends the opportunity to share the tradition and mastery of the American knitting industry with each other. We guarantee that each and every month we will deliver a newly designed pair of quality socks that will surprise our members, make them smile, and remind the recipients they are loved.

Sock Club Review

We love this sock subscription! We discovered these two Austinites a couple months ago and are so stoked to see fellow small businesses in Texas taking the US by storm.  Their socks are for everyone in sizes Small, Medium and Large.  They have an array for cool designs and colors with a fresh pair hitting your mailbox each month.  The pair I received are awesome, love the colors and they are very soft.  I will wash and wear these a few times and get back with you all with an update!

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