Happy Spring Everyone!

My girls and I have another Stitch Fix Gift Card Giveaway we want to give one of you!  Follow the instructions below to enter.  Outfit in photo above is all from Stitch Fix!

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Stitch Fix Gift Card Giveaway

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5 Responses

  1. Janis Hill

    I Tried Stitch Fix a few years ago, but have wanted to become a “regular” customer. I have seen more really cute clothes from them lately than ever before!

  2. Beth

    I have been with Stitch Fix for 2 fixes and my first stylist and fix bummed me out.. But my second fix with a new stylist went 100 percent better. I could tell when I opened my 2 fix that is was made for me. If you end up with a stylist who takes the time to look at your board and your notes you will enjoy Stitch Fix but if you don’t it can really bad…. Thank you for such an amazing giveaway because they are really priceless…..

  3. Danielle

    I’ve done two fixes so far and I love them! I kept all of the items from my first ever fix. They do a great job! Good giveaway, because I may go broke from all these fixes!


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