Club W wine subscription

Club W– Where I enjoyed getting bottles of wine delivered to my door, I didn’t like the price tag (averaging $12 a bottle) for obscure labels that sometimes tasted horrible.  I chose the subscription with 3 bottles at the $12 range.  In my profile I requested 2 reds and 1 white or rose so I could try some I know I typically like- reds and try out some new ones- whites and roses. Problem was, if I did find one I loved, since they were relabels and unknowns, it was next to impossible for me to get another bottle.  All in all I liked the subscription, I am no longer subscribed to Club W wine subscription but I was for a few months. I would recommend at least just check it out.  It's definitely a win with wine if you can't make it to the store as often as you would like!


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