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Watch the video above about Try the World and follow the instructions below to enter the giveaway.

What you will get

Try The World Giveaway Items:

  • Palais Des Thes (fine tea)
  • La Mere Poulard (sables cookies)
  • Domaine Des Vignes (mustard)
  • Le Saunier de Camarague (finishing salt)
  • La Maison Peltier(artisanal honey)
  • Maison D'armorine (caramels)
  • Charles Antona (jam)

About Samantha

I am a wife, a daughter, and the mother of 2 beautiful girls. We have 2 kitties, 1 chicken, 1 turtle, 1 fish, 2 frogs and an ant farm. I am the owner of Jonathan Ivy Photography & Jonathan Ivy Productions, Inc. I enjoy art projects. I love a glass of red wine. Most of all I love my Jesus and the fact that He has grace upon me every day!

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