The Willie Wags March 2016 Review

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About Willie Wags

The Willie Wags was founded in January 2016 by Jamie Clark, a 30-something mommy, wife and multi-tasking maven. Jamie believed a new retail concept based loosely on funky Maine dialect and expressions could help busy professional women discover, explore and support other female entrepreneurs. Inspired by spotlighting the best female owned businesses and products she could find, she hand picked, packed and shipped the very first Willie Wags packages out of her house in Maine. Not only is it The Willie Wags' mission to spotlight, market, sell and distribute products from these women-owned small businesses it is our intention to give back and help them grow! We support each of the businesses we collaborate with plus twenty percent of the proceeds from each box subscription goes directly back to help fund growth opportunities for female small business owners in need of assistance. We’re making some wicked big impact!

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Willie Wags Review

So I was super excited to receive this professional women’s subscription box in the mail because if anyone knows me, they know I own a couple small businesses and I love supporting small businesses and other women!  So I dove in with excitement and I wasn’t disappointed, they did an awesome job!  This professional women’s subscription box came with a planner, the highly anticipated book by Lara Casey – Make It Happen (which I read instantly and it is so SO so good), a limited edition and signed artwork card from Cynthia Bogart, 2 Whoopee Pies from Levant Corner Store (which were eaten instantly because they were so good, the traditional Whoopee Pie is the best), 25 Blank Sticky Notes, a water bottle decal by L Designs, a notepad by Parrot Design Studios and a silver cuff rubber band holder from The Bangle Bear.  Individual Boxes are $59.99 but if you pre-purchase in bunches of 3 months or 12 months you get a discount off each The Willie Wags March 2016 Review box.

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PINKSAVE10 on link above to get 10% off