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So I just tried out the highly recommended and highly rated Women's Clothing Subscription – Front Door Fashion and well, here are my thoughts…

I AM IN LOVE with Women's Clothing Subscription – Front Door Fashion!  Y'all, the ratings are true.  1st, the customer service is awesome!  I had a great interview and talk with my stylist before receiving my 1st box.  After our e-mail interview I received my box very quickly, I was so surprised.  Then to make it even better, the presentation…oh my…so impressed!  I have yet to open a box this elegant, Trunk Club did a good job, but this was fabulous!  Everything was a complete outfit already paired and labeled (stupid proof which is GREAT for me).  The box contained 22 items at $2,151.47 which I find to be very reasonable.  All the labels are great, designer, classy labels.

Get Front Door Fashion Here

See below for my unboxing:

I highly recommend you subscribe for a box here: Front Door Fashion

So I was impatient and grabbed some poorly lit iPhone photos of each of the outfits to share with you all:

Front Door Fashion Women's Clothing Subscription - Front Door FashionWomen's Clothing Subscription - Front Door Fashion Women's Clothing Subscription - Front Door Fashion Women's Clothing Subscription - Front Door Fashion Women's Clothing Subscription - Front Door Fashion Women's Clothing Subscription - Front Door Fashion Women's Clothing Subscription - Front Door Fashion
Women's Clothing Subscription - Front Door Fashion

So as you can see the 22 pieces makes at least 9 outfits.  I was not wild about the plaid shirt dress but I would keep everything else if I didn't have a budget.  I did end up keeping 10 of the items.  All of the items are quality pieces and very well styled. Everything I asked for and expressed I got plus things I wished for to “take me outside my norm” she got it all.  Who is “she” you might ask?  Erika Ewert is the magic maker!  So if you sign up, ask for her, I promise she will knock it out of the park!

So I would love to know….Which ones do you think I kept?

All in all I HIGHLY recommend Front Door Fashion, they are exactly what all the hype says they are.  Perfect for the upcoming holidays!  I actually am asking to attend MORE Christmas parties just so I can wear all these!!!

Quality of Product10
Reader Rating1 Vote9.8
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  3. I just received my 2nd box from Front Door Fashion, love the convenience and high quality items. Especially love that they send complete outfits and the stylists are available to you. My first box was styled by Amelia Ducksworth and it was a huge hit I kept almost everything in the box. Amelia left and Erica Ewert styled my second box, it was wonderful though a few sizing issues. Love Front Door Fashion.

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