Wrist Society Review – Watch Subscription Box

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About Wrist Society

We are Wrist Society. A new watch every month for believers that watches aren't just to tell time. We strive for tact, honor, and tradition. $29/month.

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Wrist Society Review

Y'all this is such a cool subscription box!  A watch a month starting at only $29.  The watch I received is awesome!  Very well made and very unique, I am super impressed.  It also came with an accent bracelet which was a cool bonus.  I can easily say that quality far exceeded my expectations.  My husband also was impressed.  From what I can tell, they do mostly men's style watches.  Check out the one I received below.  The 2 Options: 1) The Noble For $29 dollars a month we will send you a new random watch that you’ll get to keep.  2) The Elite At $39 dollars a month as an Elite member you have equity in the selection of the monthly watches.

All product photos by Houston Product Photographer Jonathan Ivy Photo.

Quality of Product10
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Wrist Society Pricing
$29 Noble Membership
$39 Elite Membership

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