YogaClub Live – My 1st Live Unboxing

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About YogaClub

Whether you’re on the mat, in the gym, or out to brunch – YogaClub lets you look and feel amazing with premium brand yoga apparel that’s as comfortable to wear as it is on your budget. Every month, YogaClub delivers up to $160 worth of high quality, name brand yoga apparel & accessories directly to your door in a pretty box for as low as $79 / month. Yes, you read that right — every box saves you up to 60% on retail prices letting you look ah-maze-ing without breaking the bank.

Frequency: Monthly

Cost: starting at $79.  Sign up with my link & get 20% off!!!

YogaClub Review

Yall I did my 1st Facebook YogaClub Live unboxing!!!!  It was so fun.  It was nice to be live, raw and feeling the energy that at any point I just can't say “Cut” and start over LOL.  I think it went very well.  I embedded it above so please check it out.  This is my YogaClub Box #6 and yall, I am STILL IN LOVE!

As I unbox more and more of the same box my guide under which I “appraise” them get stiffer.  YogaClub really and truly does a kick-a job of providing Nordstrom / Lululemon / you name it, level clothing at a fraction of the cost.  And it is not the same stuff over and over, I now have the most awesome variety.  To clarify, I am not paid, affiliate, work for, anything of the above from YogaClub, I am just a fanatic!  Want to see more feedback on them?  Hit up their Facebook page or their website.  Here is what I got in my May Box:

As most of you all know, I don't work out but I want to (in my mind) so when YogaClub released this I KNEW they were talking about me.  I am so good at wearing Yoga clothes though.  I Love Them!  Sign up for Yoga Club here at 20% off and join the Yoga Pants Revolution!!!

What is YogaClub

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YogaClub Pricing
$45 a month - THE CHAKRA (a $100 value)
$69 a month - THE KARMA (a $140 value)
$79 a month - THE GURU (a $160 value)
YogaClub Coupon
PINK20 to get 20% off your first box

7 Comments on “YogaClub Live – My 1st Live Unboxing”

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