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About YogaClub

Whether you’re on the mat, in the gym, or out to brunch – YogaClub lets you look and feel amazing with premium brand yoga apparel that’s as comfortable to wear as it is on your budget. Every month, YogaClub delivers up to $160 worth of high quality, name brand yoga apparel & accessories directly to your door in a pretty box for as low as $45, $69 or $79 / month. Yes, you read that right — every box saves you up to 60% on retail prices letting you look ah-maze-ing without breaking the bank.

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Frequency: Monthly or Quarterly —> YogaClub now has Quarterly Boxes

Cost: starting at $45!  My box below is the Guru at $79.  Sign up with my link & get 20% off your 1st box!

How to Sign Up for YogaClub

How it works:  Go to their website, click Get Styled, select your Style Package, then choose to either Take the Style Quiz or Choose a Pre-Set Style.  The 1st option is the one I did and it is the longer one (at about 3 minutes) and the 2nd is very fast.  Next you complete your sizes.  I have selected Small for Pants, Small/Medium for Pants blended sizes, Small for Shirts and Small/Medium for Shirt blended sizes, Small for Bra and Small/Medium for Bra blended size.

What are the 4 Options & How do Exchanges Work?

  • The Mantra $45 – receive 1 legging curated for you with an average retail price of $70 or more monthly.
  • The Karma $69 – receive 2 pieces curated for you with an average retail price of $100 or more monthly.
  • The Guru $79 – receive 3 pieces of premium brands curated for you with average retail price of $120 or more Monthly or Quarterly.

What's in my Activewear Subscription

Yall, I feel like it has been FOREVER since I posted, I mean I'm all over Facebook and Instagram so make sure you follow me there but posting here has been slow. And it has been even more of a FORRRREEEEVVVVEEEERRRRR since I have been able to share some YogaClub Love!  I am super excited about this authentic winter box and that YogaClub now has Quarterly Boxes.  Woo Hoo!  Also this is my very 1st box where I didn't receive a sports bra or lounge bra!  I received a sweater, a top and pants.  So many cool things today!

So the sweater is pretty much the softest thing I have ever touched, it is so cozy and takes Netflix and Chill to a whole new level.  Warning, the sweater sheds some so I will have to wear it with a light colored top.  I will wash it a couple times and see if that fixes it.  It is roomy and can be worn a few different ways – Free People White Size Small Hoodie/Sweater retails value $68.00.

YogaClub now has Quarterly Boxes

Then I also received a black, organic cotton t-shirt and is also soft and very long.  It is pre-shrunk and bio washed and super cute BUT I feel like I already have a couple tops like this in my wardrobe so I contacted a girlfriend who recently got a top that she isn't in love with, she likes things long (like long long) and the top is shorter than she likes so guess what???  We are making a trade!  She's taking this top which is a great length for her and I'm snagging her adorable backless top.  Win Win!  YES YOU CAN TRADE YOUR YOGACLUB WEAR!  They even have a Facebook group to do it on if you really want to get your trading and shopping on. – SATVA Movement Whisper Tee in Black in Size Small retail value $39.00.

And last but not least I receive the most Aggiest yoga pants of all.  They are the perfect shade of maroon and they boast a Cut-To-Length feature so whether you are tall like my girlfriend mentioned above or short like me, these pants fit everyone.  How cool is that.  They also have a drawstring waist.  I love these yoga pants!!!  MPG Sport Revitalize in the color Port in size Small retail value $62.00.

Looking for an EXCELLENT VALENTINE'S GIFT IDEA?  Well here you go, turn her frown upside down!

So if you are counting along that is 3 items I paid $79 for with a total retail value of $169, so that is a savings of $90 + my time.  BEST GIFT A MOM CAN RECEIVE IS HER TIME BACK!

I highly recommend this Activewear Subscription box.  Sign up here & get 20% off! Want to see more?  Check out my past Activewear Subscription boxes from 2017!

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