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10 Subscription Boxes for Men:

This subscription boxes for men listicle was so fun to make because I ordered all the box with my husband in mind. Every men's subscription box here was brought in with purpose. Now that I have had my husband unbox them, I know I did a good job (cause I was a bit nervous). We have a mix of the best subscription boxes for men here, including Men's Clothing Subscription, Men's t-shirt subscription, Men's Grilling Subscription, Subscriptions for Dads, and much much more! Any boxes that did not pass this test were not included. Click on the box's name below to go to a dedicated review and unboxing video to learn more. In no particular order, I present the 10 Best Men's Subscription Boxes.

1. Club Grunt Style – Patriotic Subscription

Patriotic Subscription
  • Price: $20 – Subscriptions only, No Gift Option available at this time
  • What you Get: for 1 Patriotic t-shirt sent monthly + automatic entries into their monthly Giveaways (right now it is a truck, yes a whole truck)
  • Club Grunt Style Promo Code: THEPINKENVELOPE20 sign up here to get your 1st month for $.80 and 20% off the next 2 months & get 20% off the Grunt Style store. 

monthly grilling box

2. Grill Master Club – Grilling Subscription

Grilling Subscription
  • Price: $29.99 Monthly – Subscription or 1 Time Gift
  • What You Get: BBQ Full-Size products and BBQ tips
  • Grill Master Club Promo Code: WINTERBBQ gets you $4 off any order only when you sign up here

3. Brother's Coffee – Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription
  • Price: $19.00 Monthly – Subscription or 1 Time Gift
  • What You Get: freshly roasted coffee from a new roaster every month – Great way to try new coffees & discover new favorites!
  • Brother's Coffee Promo Code: PINK15 for 15% off your 1st order

4. LootCrate Loot Wearables – Geek Subscription Box

Geek Subscription Box
  • Price: $17.99 Monthly – Subscription Only
  • What You Get: exclusive pop culture apparel item inspired by your favorite movies, TV shows, video games, comics 
  • LootCrate Loot Wearable Promo Code: click below to see their newest promo

5. America's Crate – America Subscription Box

America Subscription Box
  • Price: 4 box options starting at $34.99 Quarterly Subscription or 1 Time Gift
  • What You Get: American made products for men
  • America's Crate Promo Code: click below to see their newest promo

Husband Tested & Husband Approved

6. BeSpoke Post – Monthly Club for Men

Monthly Club for Men
  • Price: $45.00 Monthly – Subscription or Gift Cards Available
  • What You Get: Themed boxes for people who give a damn. Receive over $70 in value every month.
  • BeSpoke Post Promo Code: Click below to see their latest offer
  • See a full Bespoke Post Review

7. Basic Man – Men's Clothing Subscription

Men's Clothing Subscription
  • Price: $24.99 Monthly Subscription or 1 Time Gift
  • What You Get: High-quality t-shirt, performance boxer-briefs & pair of socks every month.
  • Basic Man Promo Code: click below to see their latest offer

Get the #1 monthly mystery box for geeks & gamers!

8. Gentleman's Box – Male Subscription Boxes

Male Subscription Boxes
  • Price: 2 box options: $29.00 & $100.00 – Monthly & Quarterly
  • What You Get: Men's accessories and premium lifestyle box.
  • Gentleman's Box Promo Code: GBBOX20 for 20% off your 1st box only when you sign up here

9. Harry's Razors – Men's Razor Subscription Box

Men's Razor Subscription Box
  • Price: Starting at $15 – Subscription
  • What You Get: Razors and Shave creams. You choose the number of blades and the frequency
  • Harry's Razors Promo Code: get the starter kit for only $5 (an $8 savings) only when you sign up here!

10. The Rad Dad Box – Dad Subscription Box

  • Price: 2 Box Options: $22.00 and $38.00 – Monthly or 1 Time Gift
  • What You Get: Dad gets a kit filled with fun and useful products welcoming him to fatherhood. 
  • The Rad Dad Box Promo Code: click below to see their latest offer

Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men

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Subscription Boxes for the Whole Family

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xoxo Samantha

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