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1000 Gifts list continued

This is my list of the 1000 beautiful gifts God has given me.  My Why for living!  My Why for fighting!  This is My Why for life itself!  Catch up on numbers 1 – 50 and to read my backstory please visit 1000 Gifts for Me!  To see 51 – 100 please visit My One Thousand Gifts list continued.  To see 101 – 149 go here My One Thousand Gifts list continues.

My list of my One Thousand Gifts God has Given Me Numbers 150 – 199 [I’ll update this until I reach my goal].  My 1000 Gifts list continued here…

150.  Teachers & Educators who dedicate their talents to help others

151.  Business Coaches and their gifts they share

152.  The people who run & volunteer to make everyone else's experience enjoyable

153.  Learning to have a balanced life (work and family)

154.  My sister's ability to easily carry a conversation with just about anyone

155.  Learning to inquire about others more

156.  Realizing how much my life has changed in the last year

157.  The opportunity to change

158.  Reuniting with so many lost friendships

159.  Forgiveness being given to me and a thankfulness to those who loved me when I was unloveable

160.  Anything denim!!!

161.  My Matisse boots that are nearly 10 years old & are still my favorite shoes

162.  Our new hot tub and bringing back hot tub hour (brain power hour)

163.  Meeting other entrepreneurs whose passions and goals align with ours

164.  Seeing the talent within our industry

165.  Our brides!  We have the best brides at our photography studio

166.  Trying out Yoga for the 1st time

167.  Trying to pronounce the different yoga poses names LOL

168.  Late “date” night editing in the home studio with my hubby

169.  Goldbergs (see channel ABC)

170.  Brainstorming sessions with my hubby where we dream up wild ideas

171.  WPPI and seeing friends and fellow photogs who have ran the race with us for nearly 10 years now

172.  Getting photographed by award winning photographers who are now friends

173.  Seeing my daughters after being gone for 5 days

174.  Sunny days at the park for the 4 of us

175.  Feeding my chickens left overs, truly nobody loves my cooking more than my feather babies LOL

176.  Chapter studies on the Bible, I love learning about a book as a whole

177.  Matt Chandler podcasts!!!

178.  Being reminded almost daily that even through trials and tribulations of many kinds, we are right where God wants us.

179.  Seeing God at work both physically and spiritually.  In most cases, we don't even realize what He is doing until it is done!

180.  Learning new ways to trust in Him

181.  Seeing how easily and quickly my kids can memorize scripture

182.  Removing apathy from our lives as a shield and learning to look outside the mirror

183.  Freedom, we are blessed with freedom in salvation and in our country

184.  The internet

185.  The ability to learn about anything, education is at our fingertips

186.  Challenges, things in our life that force us to do something we might have otherwise ignored

187.  Our new church and the dynamic people involved

188.  Our new pastor and his passion to teach what is right and true, not easy or popular

189.  Babies and seeing friends who have them

190.  Remodeling 😉 challenging and invigorating

191.  The song Reckless Love

192.  My husbands ability to listen to all 3 of us girls chatter on endlessly

193.  Just sitting in my gorgeous backyard

194.  Feeding my chickens snacks, they LOVE snacks and love me because I give them snacks

195.  Talking with my kids about their day at school

196.  My Yeti (yes I went there)

197.  My husbands ability to be slow to anger and quick to listen

198.  My growth in the area of being slow to anger and slightly quicker to listen

199.  That every day I get to wake up and work with my very best friend.

My 1000 Gifts list continued!

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