I am so excited to finally be back with a 4th Of July Decorating With Me! Quick & Easy Ideas To Make Your Home Festive! Today's 4th of July Decorate with Me uses past items I have owned + my new items from my home decor subscription boxes. The home decor boxes I used the most I have linked below for you to check out! Happy July 4th Yall!!!

4th Of July Decorating With Me

Another Patriotic Decorate with Me you should see – https://youtu.be/eXYoSzsoedE

This post contains affiliate links but is not sponsored by anyone. Just me out here having fun with yall!

Products Shown in this Video:

American Flags (made in the USA) – https://amzn.to/43I7Ja5

My Patriotic Tee – Coupon: TPE10 for 10% off your 1st box
Sign Up Here: https://thepinkenvelope.com/get/GritCityRebel

Brush Set to Clean Eaves of House – https://amzn.to/3NwBaFF

Favorite Book Clubs for Reading & Decorating:

Once Upon a Book Club
Coupon Code: TPE for 10% off your 1st box
Sign Up Here: https://thepinkenvelope.com/get/OnceUponaBookClub

The Literary Book Club
Coupon Code: THEPINKENVELOPE for $5 off your 1st Book Club subscription
Sign Up Here: https://thepinkenvelope.com/get/TheLiteraryBookClub

Patriotic Home Decor Subscription Boxes I Recommend:

Season House Patriotic 2023
Coupon Code: TPESAVE10 for $10 off your 1st box
Sign Up Here: https://thepinkenvelope.com/get/SeasonHouse

Crae Dish Towels (that are actually useable)
Coupon Code: PINK to get 10% off your 1st box
Sign Up Here: https://thepinkenvelope.com/get/Crae

Entry Envy (signs on the front of both houses)
Coupon: PINK10: $10 off custom sign with purchase of a monthly subscription (total after discount $128.99)
PINK20: $20 off custom sign with a prepaid annual subscription and 2 months free. An $80 savings (total after discounts $388)
Sign Up Here: https://thepinkenvelope.com/get/EntryEnvy

Just Greenery – Florals & Bouquets & Wreaths
Coupon Code: THEPINKENVELOPE to get 10% off your 1st box
Shop Here: https://thepinkenvelope.com/get/JustGreenery

Sunday Lawn – why my lawn is so green!
Coupon Code: TPE20 for $20 off your 1st box
Sign Up Here: https://thepinkenvelope.com/get/SundayLawn

Steal it Box – Celebrate America (all made in the USA)
Coupon Code: click the URL below to see the latest offers
Sign Up Here: https://thepinkenvelope.com/get/DS-CelebrateAmerica

4th Of July Decorating With Me Thoughts:

Every time I make time to film and photograph by decorating, I am 1) thankful I did so and 2) I love the results! Decorating comes naturally to me, running cameras, lighting, editing, etc does not. So I always want to skip that part and go straight to the decorating. Alas, my sweet husband helped me pull the later together and now I am so thankful! Happy 4th of July Yall!

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