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9 Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women
9 Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women


9 Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women

Why do we want women’s clothing subscription boxes?

If you're reading this, chances are you already love the idea of having things delivered to your door! Life can be so busy and personally, I much prefer trying on new clothes in the comfort of my own home rather than in a fitting room. Avoiding the hassle of looking through clothing racks, ordering from the comfort of home, working with an expert stylist, and trying something that may never have caught your eye in a store are just a few of the perks of giving a women’s clothing subscription boxes a try!

Here are a few things to consider when selecting your clothing subscription boxes for women in 2022:

  • Where do you feel like there are “gaps” in your wardrobe? Do you need more business attire or more loungewear?
  • Do you need a full closet refresh? Or would you like just a few new pieces each season?
  • Would you like to work closely with a stylist, directly pick some of your items, or have it all a big surprise?
  • What is your budget?

So, what are some of the best women’s clothing boxes out there?

With all the women’s clothing subscription boxes out there though, trying to pick the right one for your budget and style can be a little overwhelming. Below is a list of some of the clothing subscription boxes for women in 2022 that I've tried and can recommend. While I am only sharing a few of the features of each box in this post, you'll also find the full unboxing videos here. In those, I go into a lot more detail and share exactly what is inside each of the latest women's clothing subscription boxes!

This post does contain affiliate links but is not sponsored by anyone. When you purchase through my site we make a small but meaningful commission at no cost to you. We are always so thankful for those who purchase through our blog, social media & YouTube. Also, these are all my own thoughts, ideas, and comparisons. Thanks for reading about our Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women.

1. Nordstrom Trunk Club – **CLOSED**

**Trunk Club has CLOSED it's doors! For something similar checkout Front Door Fashion ***This is not your average women's clothing subscription box! Nordstrom has created something so flexible and customized, but very easy with Trunk Club. While this list is about the best clothing subscription boxes for women, it's worth noting that Trunk Club can be styled for both women and men! If you're a Nordstrom credit card holder or even have a Nordstrom gift card, those can be used for Trunk Club.

The ordering experience is super easy from their phone app, and we love how easy it is to tailor your box to your own needs and style! You get to order a box when you want and send anything back that you don't love. My first official review of Trunk Club was in October of 2016! It's definitely a hit or miss at times, but with zero style and shipping fees, I figure there is no reason not to keep them coming and be a bit pickier with what I keep.

  • Trunk Club Price: There is a $25 styling fee that goes toward purchases (unless you are a Nordstrom credit card holder, then it is Free).  Price ranges from $50 – $300 per item and you set your budget.
  • Frequency: You Decide! You can set up a subscription or request trunks on-demand.
  • Trunk Club Coupon Code: Get $50 to shop with when you sign up through our link! – TrunkClub discontinued this offer on April 6, 2022

2. Front Door Fashion

A list of the best women’s clothing boxes has to include Front Door Fashion. Their in-house stylists' hand-select high-end clothing and accessories that fit your taste and body type, and coordinate them into complete outfits. Whether you wear it all together or mix and match pieces, your personal stylist is there to guide you through it all with detailed style notes.

I love that you can try everything on at home, on your own time. Whether you decide to keep it all or only a few pieces, it's up to you. Just send back any returns with the prepaid shipping label, and you'll only pay for what you keep. While it's still in the category of women’s clothing subscription boxes, I appreciate that you can request a box only when you need one and as often as you like.

  • Front Door Fashion Price: It varies, but the average clothing item is about $100. There are no style fees.
  • Frequency: You choose! It's an on-demand subscription
  • Front Door Fashion Coupon Code: Sign up using the button below and get $50 to shop with. (The $50 shows up at check out.)

3. Judith & Joe – Women's Ethical Style Box

Fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world, and finding and affording ethical fashion can feel daunting. Judith and Joe's Ethical Women's Style Box is here to help solve that problem! In each box, you'll receive 3 ethically sourced items, styled just for you.

This women's clothing subscription box follows more of a traditional subscription box model; delivering boxes with a value of $150 or more, for a set monthly price. Though it is a monthly subscription service, you always have the option to skip months you don't need a box and can cancel at any time.

  • Judith & Joe Price: 2-box options: $69.00 for the HomeBox and $139.99 for the HomeBox Luxe
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Judith & Joe Coupon Code: PINK10 for $10 off your 1st WHW HomeBox & PINK15 for $15 off your 1st WHW HomeBox Luxe

4. A Curated Thrift – Thrifted Fashion Subscription Box

This box was designed with the person in mind who wants to maybe switch up their look, experiment with their style, or have a little fun to start the season off right. A Curated Thrift is a sustainable company that ships all of its boxes in recycled cardboard or compostable mailers. All of their marketing material is recycled and all of the contents in the box are secondhand. They even ship with carbon-neutral shipping! So if you're looking to be kind to the environment and dress fashionably, this is the box for you. A Curates Thrift believes mixing modern secondhand clothing with vintage produces not only a one-of-a-kind look but also one that is elevated and luxurious.

  • A Curated Thrift Price: 2 box options & 11 style options ranging from $49.95 to $119.95
  • Frequency: Monthly and Quarterly
  • A Curated Thrift Coupon Code:
    • SPRINGMIX – 50% off your first season when you sign up for the year (for the seasonal box only)
    • THRIFTBOX – first box is free when you sign up for six months or a year (for the monthly thrift box)

5. Wantable – Style Edit

Get spring looks 100% styled for you! Wantable is a try-before-you-buy styling service. Personal stylists create one-of-a-kind relationships with customers to fuel their confidence with looks geared to their unique tastes, needs and wants. Each Wantable women's clothing subscription box includes handpicked apparel or active gear based on your budget, size, and style.

The latest Style Edit includes ready-for-spring trends, sunny tops, shorts, dresses, and more. I felt like between the 7 items there was a good balance of cozy and warm-weather attire which is perfect for the varied temperatures of spring.

  • Wantable Price: There is a $20 style fee (that is applied to your purchase) and you get 20% off if you buy 5 or more items. They have no shipping fees!
  • Frequency: 5 options from back to back edits, every 2 months edit, or individual orders. You choose!
  • Wantable Coupon Code: Click the link for the latest offer

6. Wantable – Sleep and Body Edit

The Wantable Sleep and Body Edit is for those of us who could use a lounge-wear and undergarment refresh! As part of your lingerie and sleepwear subscription, you receive 7 items; that could include bras and panties, bodysuits, pajamas, robes, loungewear, and more. Even with the Sleep and Body edit, you only keep the items you love and can ship the rest back for free!

  • Wantable Price: There is a $20 style fee (that is applied to your purchase) and you get 20% off if you buy 5 or more items. They have no shipping fees!
  • Frequency: 5 options from back to back edits, every 2 months edit, or individual orders. You choose!
  • Wantable Coupon Code: Click the link for the latest offer

7. Trendsend by EVEREVE

Styled just for you and delivered to your door, Trendsend by EVEREVE is one of the best women’s clothing boxes for the ladies who want a flexible subscription! Get 2-3 hand-selected looks, curated by an EVEREVE stylist that you can pick up in-store or have delivered. Take 5 days to try it all on, mix, match, and make your decisions.

  • Trendsend Price: $20 style fee which is applied towards your purchase.
  • Frequency: You choose!
  • Trendsend Coupon Code: Use the button below to sign up and get 20% off every item in your 1st order.

8. JB Style Box

At JB Stylebox, their founders believe in making Friendships through Fashion and are striving to achieve this philosophy through their styling service. They are dedicated to building styles for YOUR life. This is a clothing subscription box for women who love the idea of working closely with a personal stylist to refresh their wardrobe.

  • JB Style Box Price: $20 style fee – this money goes towards a purchase of $50 or more. If you spend less than $50, they keep the $20 style fee. Also, if you keep less than 3 items from the box, they charge you for return shipping (an est. $17.00)
  • Frequency: You choose!
  • JB Style Box Coupon Code: Samantha Foster for 20% off your box

9. DailyLook

DailyLook follows my favorite women's clothing subscription boxes formula; they start with a style quiz, put together a box just for you, and then you only keep what you love! Additionally, they send a lot! Each box can be up to 12 items, which is more than “normal” and something that is nice if you really want to refresh your wardrobe quickly. Additionally, they offer a wide range of style options from business casual to cozy and work-from-home.

  • DailyLook Box Price: $40 Styling Fees that is a credit towards a purchase from this box or on any purchase you make on (must be used within 30 days or it expires)
  • Frequency: You choose.
  • DailyLook Coupon Code: No Styling Fee (Save $40) when you sign up with our link!

Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women 2022

And that's my list of the best clothing subscription boxes for women in 2022!

There really are an incredible amount of women's clothing subscription boxes out there, so I hope this post helps you narrow down your search to find just the right one!

xoxo Samantha

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Boxes Featured in Unboxing

Daily Look clothing
DailyLook is the perfect destination for fashion-forward shoppers to stay on trend with new arrivals every week and personalized styling services.
Every 6 months
Shop with confidence and find the perfect look for any occasion with Trendsend's personalized style advice and hand-selected pieces delivered to your door.
Personalized style boxes tailored to you. Try, love, keep or return.
Complete outfits from your personal stylist, delivered right to your door.

Box Coupon Codes


Coupon Code:
Click my link for the latest offer.
$0 style fees (a $40.00 savings)

Trendsend by Evereve

Coupon Code:
Use my URL to sign up
20% off every item in that order


Coupon Code:
Click my link
$35 off your 1st Edit

Front Door Fashion

Coupon Code:
Use my Link
Get $50 to shop with

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