A Kid's Dream Come True…or so we thought

If you have ever met my mom you know she has a quirky and super silly sense of humor.  All kids love her because they get her.  I don't have enough space on my blog to break down Bullseye's lengthy history but here is the quick of it.  Bullseye, yes the horse from Toy Story, came in a McDonald's meal back in the day.  My mom loved it and kept it.  Along comes my daughter Emma, one day while at my mom's house (my mom is known as Maddie) she discovered Bullseye and fell in love.  So naturally she assumed it was hers and took it home.  Since then my mom and Emma have had a running joke about who he belongs to.  Emma plays with this horse ALL THE TIME!  She loves Bullseye!

Bullseye's Vacation Begins

A couple of weeks ago my parents came into town to hang with us for a day before they flew out on their East Coast vacation.  During that time my mom decided to sneak Bullseye away and to take him on vacation with her so that Emma could see how much fun he has with Maddie.  So my parents get up super early and fly out.  Almost instantly sending photos.  A couple hours later Emma wakes up and is searching everywhere for Bullseye.  We then show her the photos and tell her that he went on vacation with Maddie and she burst into tears saying he doesn't like vacations they make him nervous.  Now, if you have ever seen Toy Story 1 or 2 you know that this isn't true.  Bullseye is quite proficient in flying and maneuvering around airplanes so I remind Emma of this but she doesn't care.  A Kids Dream Come True not so much LOL.

On his 1st day in Philadelphia Bullseye did a lot of things.  He visited a Trump Protest, he visited the Liberty Bell, he learned some history and the part that made my daughter the maddest…he ate fruit with Papa.  We showed her these photos and she burst into tears again saying Bullseye doesn't like fruit and he never eats it with me.  Now we are VERY surprised by this response so we try to assure her that he loved the fruit and he had other options.  While my husband is attempting to console her he is looking up and away trying to control his laughter.  I really should have filmed this.

On this 2nd and 3rd day he hangs out with my parent and my aunt and uncle as they explore PA.  While at a monument he snapped a photo with a group of Chicago Police Officers.  We also met an idol of his via his stone Rocky and after getting in so much trouble by Emma about the fruit Maddie and Papa made sure to give him grass for dinner.  He wrapped up the day by watching Toy Story 3.  A Kids Dream Come True getting closer 🙂

The next day we were told he got up and enjoyed the views from the apartment and then headed out to the museum.  He also rode the train headed to New York City!  There he experienced his 1st Uber ride to their hotel and we were told he loved it.  That night he got to ride in the hotel car once again in the front seat which Emma was thankful for.  He visited Time Square and saw some friends, the Minions and he loved it!

On Saturday he hit up the Subway and visited Chelsea Market and loved it.  Everyone went to the pool that day but Bullseye, once he saw what Papa was wearing to the pool, decided he should stay back.  On Sunday he attended a play, Hello Dolly with Bette Midler which we heard was amazing!!!!!

Monday was a day of relaxing and eating at fun places like Katz and seeing various sites. This was his last day there.  Tuesday Bullseye got up and packed and jumped into his rental car with Maddie and Papa to head to Boston!

Wednesday was a fun day because Bullseye and crew met up with some fellow Rockportians.  My parents live in Rockport, TX and they joined long time friends who were passing through on a vacation of their own.  Bullseye snagged a photo with Cha Cha and Papa.  Thursday was pretty quite, everyone just relaxed and did things individually.  Bullseye did help Maddie get ready for a nice evening out.

Friday was the crews final day on their vacation.  Today they spent some time outdoors where they met an albino squirrel and he became fast friends with Bullseye.  He also got to meet a “real” soldier and saw a bunch of big crabs which scared him.

Bullseye had a wonderful vacation and is very thankful for such a cool Maddie & Papa but is very happy to be home with his Emma (or so I have been told MANY TIMES) but he still considers it to be A Kids Dream Come True!

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