What is A Taste of New Orleans?  Is What is A Taste of New Orleans kid friendly or should I get a babysitter?  Where is it?  These are just a few of the questions I have received and I wanted to provide some answers.

Admission: Adults are $15 & Kids 10 – under are free.

Parking: we paid $10 at the lot closest to the event (I think it was the SAWS lot)

Location: Sunken Garden Theatre at the Japanese Tea Gardens – 3875 N St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78212

What is A Taste of New Orleans

From A Taste of New Orleans:  If you want to experience unique and exquisite New Orleans food in a festive atmosphere, don’t miss this three-day fest, alive and kickin’ with the tastes and sounds of ‘Nawlins. Nowhere else can you experience mouth-watering Creole and Cajun dishes like gumbo, crawfish, shrimp etouffee, red beans & rice, boudin and many other favorite cuisines of the region. You will think you are in New Orleans at this family-friendly event featuring amazing toe tappin’ music from Dixieland to Smooth Jazz and Zydeco, straight from the Crescent City. Join the 2nd line parade through the grounds with a brass band leading the way, or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment while taking in the Big Easy experience.  The Sunken Garden is ADA accessible. Blankets, strollers and folding chairs are welcome.

Kid Friendly: Yes kinda, I personally felt this was good for adults and teens, but not kids, especially littles.  It was crowded and hard to walk, very little seating and only some kid's food.  I didn't bring my kids to this event and I wouldn't.


  • Lots of Food Vendors, probably the most I have seen yet, the most unique food too
  • Drink stations are a bit more limited than other places, no wine at all
  • Watch the bands on the main stage (bring your own chair & blanket)
  • Mini carnival

What is A Taste of New Orleans – Fiesta 2018

Mom Tips if you bring the kids:

  • Wear closed toe comfy shoes
  • Bring money as the activities and food are kind of expensive
  • Bring hand wipes and antibacterial, there aren't even hand washing stations
  • Not wagon or stroller friendly

My Tips to A Taste of New Orleans:

  • NEED hand sanitizer in the food area
  • they really NEED more hand washing stations, we had to use a water fountain to wash our hands while your booths serving creole food and boiled crawfish which are messy
  • Need more drink options, there was nothing really fruity and no wine
  • You had alot of cops hanging around but not doing anything like guiding people or directing traffic

And my overall is for A Taste of New Orleans (I think) if you are an adult, I personally won't bring my kids next year.  And honestly, may or may not attend again.  I LOVE creole food and the food we had was just carnival food, it was crowded (had to eat my mudbugs sitting in the dirt), couldn't clean my hands and it was expensive.  I don't know, I think I got too excited about this event and found it to fall short from my expectation.

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