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About FilterDay

Filter Day delivers high-quality air filters to your door when it’s time to change them, at a cost that’s less than the store. With our service, you’ll never have to remember your air filter’s size again or make a special trip to the store. We save you time and money!

Price: starting at $10.97

Frequency: your choose every month, every other month of quarterly.

Coupon Code: Fresh and your 1st filter is 100% free!

Do I Recommend: YES

Our FilterDay Experience

Ok, when I 1st heard about this company I thought How Brilliant!  Nobody likes having to set calendar reminders to change your air filters but if you don't, you will go too long, tear up your unit and more.  So we set the calendar reminder to go off BUT inevitably, the reminder goes off, you jot down a note to go buy a filter and almost every time, forget to buy the filter.  But even the times you do remember to buy the filter, you usually bring it home with groceries and it goes to the side because you have to put the food away and doesn't get installed.  Does this sounds familiar?  So when I found Filter Day I literally I rejoiced!

This company checks one of those annoying to-do list items off for me and I have to do no work and it is cheaper than what I was paying driving to the local hardware store.  If you walk away with nothing from by blog but this, I promise you won't be disappointed.

How they work: Go to their website here

  1. Choose how many filters you need.
  2. You choose the size you need, they have a TON of sizes.
  3. Then choose the quality, they have 3 options available.
  4. You choose the frequency you like to replace your filters at.

So I chose one 20×25 filter at the Best quality (because our allergies have been so bad with construction and dust) to be replaced every 3 months.  I put in my delivery and payment info and done.  The filter arrived just a few days later, I took it out of the box, removed the dirty filter from my AC, put in my new filter, put the old, dusty filter back into the box and carried it through the house to the trash without worrying about spreading dust anywhere.  It was so nice and so easy!!!

FilterDay Review

Update 4 Months Later

Well, I still highly recommend this ac filter subscription box.  In fact, I am more of a believer now than I was before.  They ship me a new filter every other month which reminds me to change mine.  So I take the box to the AC and remove the old filter and place it in the box.  Then I take the new filter and instal it in my ac and I am done.  I can now walk across the house without the old filter getting dust anywhere.  Now I don't have to remember to set alarms to remind me to change my filters.  I don't have to keep a note in my phone so I don't forget the size and type to buy.  This subscription box really saves time and money and stress.  This is a subscription box EVERYONE can benefit from!

I HIGHLY recommend this subscription box.  It doesn't matter what walk of life you are in, this is a practical investment that will help you and your home!  Use the code Fresh I mentioned above and your 1st filter is 100% free!  What do you have to loose.  Join FilterDay Review

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