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Whether you’re on the mat, in the gym, or out to brunch – YogaClub lets you look and feel amazing with premium brand yoga apparel that’s as comfortable to wear as it is on your budget. Every month, YogaClub delivers up to $160 worth of high quality, name brand yoga apparel & accessories directly to your door in a pretty box for as low as $45, $69 or $79 / month. Yes, you read that right — every box saves you up to 60% on retail prices letting you look ah-maze-ing without breaking the bank.

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Frequency: Monthly

Cost: starting at $45!  My box below is the Guru at $79.  Sign up with my link & get 20% off your 1st box!

How to Sign Up for YogaClub

How it works:  Go to their website, click Get Styled, select your Style Package, then choose to either Take the Style Quiz or Choose a Pre-Set Style.  The 1st option is the one I did and it is the longer one (at about 3 minutes) and the 2nd is very fast.  Next you complete your sizes.  I have selected Small for Pants, Small/Medium for Pants blended sizes, Small for Shirts and Small/Medium for Shirt blended sizes, Small for Bra and Small/Medium for Bra blended size.

What are the 3 Pricing Options & How do Exchanges Work?

  • The Mantra $45 – receive 1 legging curated for you with an average retail price of $70 or more.
  • The Karma $69 – receive 2 pieces curated for you with an average retail price of $100 or more.
  • The Guru $79 – receive 3 pieces of premium brands curated for you with average retail price of $120 or more.
  • Easy Exchanges and you can Cancel at any time!

My YogaClub Experience

First, about the box: I am signed up for the Guru Box and it is perfect! An average $160 worth of retail value yoga apparel directly to my doorstep for just $79 + shipping which typically equals about $84.  All great quality, brand name yoga gear for FAR LESS than I could go get on my own in stores.  They provide easy returns now which is so nice and you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime.  Over the last year, I have done a couple of exchanges and it was easy and I got to pick the item I wanted to exchange for.  Check out the photos below to see what I received in my latest YogaClub Subscription: Hela Dagen Legging retail $110, Soybu Top retail $50 and Amari Sports Bra $66 = $226 in total value for only $79.

How Members and YogaClub Gives Back

I'm sure all have heard me talk about YogaClub's One Box, One Class program where for every box we buy, YogaClub gives a class so a child in need.  These yoga classes help children learn about healthy living and they teach kids to control their frustrations and anger.  It is a very neat program that is changing the lives of so many kiddos right now.  But, have you hear about how YogaClub Gives Back by repurposing boxes?  In addition to the above, with every box that we receive YogaClub encourages us to reuse the box to further someone else.  Some yogis have filled their boxes with food and handed them out.  Others have filled their boxes with clothes and shared them and finally today I get to share how I am giving back.

One Box, One Class


I don't know if yall know but I am from Rockport Texas. The small, beach town that Cat 5 Hurricane Harvey decimated.  Talk about a time to give back.  As you can see from the photos below, the devastation is bad and vast.  Due to that, many have no home, many are living in tents, many are living in friend's home, government homes or rented homes in towns near by. Many, many didn't have insurance and many don't even know where to start and consequently feel lost.

I took this photo on Christmas day 2017, 17 weeks after Harvey hit and yet there are many homes that look just like this.  100's more with tarped roofs and 100's more with various needs.  All of the trees are snapped. And even today crews are working around the clock to haul away and burn the remainder of the debris.  So I have decided to fill my YogaClub Pink Boxes with past clothing that no longer fit me with outfits of consistent sizes that are nice clothing needing a new home.  I'm taking these boxes to these families hoping that something beautiful will bring a smile to their faces.  YogaClub Gives Back

It is in moments like these that you are reminded the importance of Giving Back.  Furthermore, it's in the moments like these that you appreciate more than ever that people and places like YogaClub Gives Back.  If you are looking for a family to love on?  Someone to sponsor?  Someone you can help?  Please reach out to me, I can team you with a beautiful family, person or business – [email protected]  In conclusion, there is nothing too small you can do to help others find Peace Amongst Destruction.

I highly recommend this Activewear Subscription box.  Sign up here & get 20% off!  Want to see more?  Check out my past Activewear Subscription boxes from 2017!

Athletic Clothing Subscription

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