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Amazon Beauty Box Review

My amazon box review: So if you are an Amazon prime member you get access to many special things, one of them being sample boxes!  You go in, select the box of your choice, they charge your account accordingly (ranges from $4.99 to $14.99) then ship it to you.  Once the sample box ships they give you a credit for the charged amount to go shopping with.  So in this case this box earned me an Amazon beauty shopping credit.  Cool huh?!  Now I and a few others have had a hard time redeeming our credits however one quick phone call or chat session with their customer services and everything was corrected.  Here are the freebies I received this time.  I have used the LOreal eyebrow filler and its good.  I don't think the wax end is strong enough but the color is pretty and it wears well.  I also have worn the Volumnous Mascara and I liked it.  Nothing over the top awesome but it did do a good job and didn't smear easy.  Samples like these are fun!

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