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Ok lets be real….who doesn't know what Amazon is?!

Energy Drink Sample Box by Amazon Review

Here's my Amazon Energy Drink Sample review: So I got this Energy Drink Sample box for my husband as I do not drink Monster or any of those and guess what?  This box came with a Starbucks Doubleshot Vanilla Bean Coffee in it which is one of my favs!!!  So I am very excited!  It also came with an illy cafe espresso drink that I can't wait to try.  Then for my husband there is a Petey's Bing Black, a Red Bull, a Guru Organic, a Stōk espresso shot, an Amazing Grass Green Superfood supplement and a Celsius Sparkling Orange.  The best part?  Everything here is Free!  The box value is $7.99 but since we are Prime we pay nothing!  Super stoked on this!


**July 18th Night Update – Heads up, I went to redeem my Amazon credits from purchasing their promotional sample boxes and none of my credits were there. That means 6 boxes totaling over $60 in credit missing. I have reached out to Customer Service and I'm waiting to head what happens next.  More to come once I have received an answer.**

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