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Everybody knows about Amazon, but have your joined Prime?  If no, join the club below!

Amoretti Syrup Sample by Amazon Review

Y'all I am SO EXCITED to share one of my newest finds with you all again!  Amazon has a new Free Samples Box for their Prime Members!  So this one is the Amazon Amoretti Syrup sample box and it came with 9 – 1.7 oz bottles.  I received all different flavor, some I'm super excited about others…we will see.  The best part….this is 100% Free!!!  So the box value is $9.99, if you aren't Prime, you pay this price, if you are Prime, you “pay” the $9.99 and then they credit you Amazon.com account back.  So you actually pay nothing!  We are BIG amazon.com shoppers so this is awesome for us!


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