About Art Crate

Art Crate began with a simple idea: everyone should have beautiful art in their home. No longer do you need to spend thousands of dollars on a curator or interior designer to get art that suits your personal style. Art Crate takes the pain of not knowing which pieces will go good together. Our team of curators have gone through extensive training, hand-selecting the perfect prints for you based on your home decor..  They make collecting art fun and easy.

Cost: 4 sizes to choose from.  Shipping not included.

  • $29 Small Print Only or $59 with Frame – sizes 8×8 or 8×10
  • $39 Medium Print Only or $89 with Frame – sizes 12×12 or 12×16
  • $59 Large Print Only or $139 with Frame – sizes 18×18 or 18×24
  • $79 Extra Large Print Only or $199 with Frame – sizes 24×24 or 24×32

Frequency: Monthly

Art Crate Review

Ok, I have to say this is a very unique art subscription box and one I really do love!  1st I filled out an online questionnaire.  2nd I was e-mailed 2 curated art options to choose from which was hard to pick my favorite.  Alas, I finally did and this piece arrived in the mail and I LOVE it!  I’m having it matted and I can’t wait to hang it. I received an 11×14 which is equivalent to a Medium size piece.  I think the price is a fabulous deal!  Definitely suggest checking this one out for your home decor!

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