My Backyard Chicken Coop

If you have read this blog or know me at all you know I love my feather babies!  All started with 4 ducks and 4 chickens for an Easter Party in 2015, now a couple years later we have 5 full grown hens and 4 babies.  They are so wonderful!  Of the very 1st group of 8 we kept 1 bird, a Black Jersey Giant hen who my 5 year old named Fella.  Fella has been a staple in our family since.  She has survived a raccoon attack in 2016, she has gone to the Blo dry bar to get her feathers done with our 5 year old Emma, she has been held like a baby and forced to play house many a times.  All the time while laying extra large, light brown eggs and following me around like I'm her best friend.  She is wonderful!

Backyard Chicken Coop Ideas

Backyard Chicken Coop

Meet Fella, a Black Jersey Giant and our favorite:

Since Fella, we have brought many more chickens into our family.  A few that turned out to be roosters so they had to go to a new home but 4 more that have permanently joined our Foster Farm and they are wonderful.  In no certain order I introduce you to our 2016 additions:

Cuckoo Maran

Here's Beanie, a Cuckoo Maran: 

Rhode Island Red

Meet Blanch, a Rhode Island Red: 


Then Buttercup, an Ameraucana: 


Meet Butterscotch, an Ameraucana: 

All of the above birds are full time layers.  Between all 5 birds we get 3-5 eggs a day in the colors light brown, medium brown, dark brown and blue.  The eggs are beautiful and we share them with our family and friends.  They eat all organic feed and all our left over food which means we have little to no waste.  They eat our bugs so flies and mosquitos aren't as bad.  Backyard chickens have alot of perks!

So this bring us to 2017 and the 4 newest birds.  We brought in 4 new breeds based on their egg color and feather patterns this year and they are so cute!  2 show birds with crazy feathers and 2 for their egg color: pink and white so I am very excited about this.  Now I just need an Olive Egger or a Maran that lays a super dark egg.  Ahhh maybe in 2018.  So meet our newest babies!

Backyard Chicken Coop

Silkie Chicken

Meet Betty, a Silkie: 

Salmon Faverolles

Introducing Barbara Ann, a Salmon Faverolles: 

White Crested Black Laced Polish

Meet Becky, a White Crested Black Laced Polish: 

White Leghorn Chicken

And Birdie, a White Leghorn: 

Now back to The Chick Mansion!  Since our feather baby family was growing my sweet hubby built me my dream backyard chicken coop.  I bought the plans and they were tweaked to create MY perfect chicken coop!  Now all my feather babies live inside their mansion and it's wonderful.  It looks so cute in my backyard.  So in my *very small* backyard I have my backyard oasis complete with gardens, a hot tub, a dining area and outdoor kitchen.  Next to my Backyard Oasis is my Chick Mansion.  I just love every bit of it!  So take a moment and enjoy The Chick Mansion below.

Want to learn more about the Chick Mansion, how I built it and my inspiration?  Visit Here Backyard Chicken Coop

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