Before you become a Rodan and Fields Consultant

If you are reading this you are 1 of 2 types of people:

  1. A current Rodan and Fieldscustomer looking for discounts
  2. Someone who likes Rodan and Fieldsand wants a home business.

Both types of people can be very successful with opportunities from Rodan and Fields. Let me show you exactly what you need to know for both.

Become a Rodan and Fields Consultant

1. Looking for the best price on Product

Preferred Customer: $19.95

preferred customer enjoys insider benefits, special pricing and superior service

  • 10% discount on product.
  • Bi-monthly auto-ship (easy to ‘skip’ until you are ready)
  • Free Shipping

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Inactive Consultant: $45 minimum (see below for options)

Inactive Consultants or “Facewasher Consultants” are regular consultants but they turn off their $24/month Pulse website and do not maintain their CRP and cannot sell any product for a commission.

  • 25% discount on products
  • No monthly obligation

2. Someone who wants to work from home

Active consultant: $45 minimum + $24 for personal R+F online storefront

Active consultants are maintaining their 80 CRP monthly goals and actively selling and recruiting.

  • 25% discount on products
  • Commission on your sales + sales from your team (more on this below)

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How to Become a Rodan and Fields Consultant

To become an Active Consultant (which is what I am) you get to purchase a consultants kit which comes with some crazy huge discounts.  These kits are a no brainer if you are looking for the best Rodan + Fields discounts.  I bought the largest package because I wanted to try everything and it’s the best price.  Based on a current incentive, if you hit certain sales goals by month 3 they give you your entire purchase price back, and if you hit even more goals they will give you double back!

Consultant Kit Options

The Business Portfolio: $45

You get training materials and the ability to sell R+F

No products come with this kit

This is good for anyone that just wants to sell and not use the products.  But requires the most work and your reward incentives are lower.

The Personal Results Kit: $395

This kit is not very good if you are looking for the best deal

You pay full price for 2 regimens and get 3 products at a small discount

The Big Business Launch Kit: $695

Comes with a large assortment of products

Great for the discount seeker who does not want all the extra frills

The RFx Express Business Kit: $995

Get to try all the products offered

1 time investment instead of lots of smaller purchases

Best way to quick start your consultant business

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There is a lot here, if you need more info, please ask! We are always here to help.

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