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Best Air Plant Subscriptions and Succulent Subscriptions
Best Air Plant Subscriptions and Succulent Subscriptions


Best Air Plant Subscriptions and Succulent Subscriptions

This post does contain affiliate links but is not sponsored by anyone. These are all my own thoughts, ideas, and comparisons. Thanks for reading about the Best Air Plant Subscription & Succulent Subscription Boxes & Where to buy succulents.

Best Air Plant Subscriptions & Succulent Subscription Boxes

And where to buy air plants and succulents:

After scouring the web, trying to find the best places to buy succulents online, I have created a list of 6 Succulent Box and Air Plant Box that you need to check out now! These boxes make an EXCELLENT GIFT and bring so much happiness to your space! In no particular order, I give you 6 of the best AirPlant Subscription & Succulent Subscription Boxes. Also check out our best plant subscription boxes list!

Adopt a Plant Shop

  • Price: $15 + Shipping
  • What's Included: Plant, a pot, and soil
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Coupon: PLANTLOVE for 20% off

Ok, this is for sure the cutest of all the succulent subscription boxes! The owl planter is everything! It came with an Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg in it but every month is different. This is a great box for new succulent parents as it comes with everything you need. I have nothing but 100% positive things to say about this box!

Adopt a Plant Box Review

Succulent Lovers

  • Price: Starting at $10.17 + Shipping and the Box shown here is the Succulent Arrangement Plants at $21.25
  • What's Included: Plants, a pot, and soil
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Coupon: TPE gets you 20% off your 1st order

Ok, full disclosure, while searching where to buy succulents online, I found this box through its own personal website which is A MESS. So confusing with no info on it! So when I received this box I had no idea what to expect and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised! For the price per succulent, this is the best deal we found! Now the pot isn't my style but that's ok.

Later, while researching for this post I found Succulent Lovers on Cratejoy which was a breath of fresh air because it is an actual website that is super easy to use. But, I'm glad I didn't see that site 1st because they show all these cute pots of teacups and piggies and that is definitely not what I received here. Also, all the prices are weird numbers like $10.17, don't know why that bothers me but it does. Other than thinking this box is weird I have to say the experience has been good.

Succulent Lovers Box Review

Airplant.Garden – Best Air Plant Subscriptions

  • Price: $10 incl. shipping
  • What's Included: 1 Air Plant + 1 temporary stand
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Coupon: 50% off only when you sign up on the link below

So I love this box. I love it so much I did a full review on my personal subscription a couple of months ago which you can see here – Full Review Here. My 2nd box never showed up except Airplant.Garden did. As soon as they found out they had another box sent to me. Great Customer Service! Funny, as you can see in the video above, the lost plant showed up over a month later, thank you USPS. Their online site is great, you can easily hop on and order, skip, and cancel. Makes a wonderful gift. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this box!

Air Plant Subscription Box

House Plant Shop

  • Price: $15.50 incl. shipping
  • What's Included: for the succulent box you get a 4″ plant & for the air plant box you get 1 – 4 plants depending on size
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Coupon: code GREENTHUMB for 15% off a 3+ month subscription use pink button below & code: pinkenvelope5 to get 5% off 1 box use the blue button below

Let me tell you…they have the most wonderful website and they have SO MANY PLANT SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS! I only covered 2 of them here but they have Seasonal Gardens Box, Pet-Friendly Plant Box, Indoor Plants Box and so many more. You can technically sign up for the subscription on either site but the 15% off coupon only works on the pink link to the left above. Their website makes it super easy to skip and cancel online. You also can just get lost looking at everything. They have an amazing online store to just shop too! I highly recommend this subscription box and if just signing up for the subscription use the pink link above on the left.

House Plant Box Review

Succulent Box

  • Price: $10.00 incl. shipping and the box shown here is the 6 plants + 6 pots at $40.00
  • What's Included: there are 6 box options with or without pots
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Coupon: 5OFF for $5 off your 1st box

This box is a go-to in the subscription box world! They have been around a while and do it right every time. So I reviewed this box 1 year ago and it is just as awesome now as it was then, check it out here. I love how they have a variety of options! I love how easy their website is to use and I love that they have a great online store. Another cool thing is you can do both Air Plant and Succulents together! I highly recommend this box as well!

Succulent Box

Succulents by Gathered

  • Price: $35.00 + shipping
  • What's Included: A curated selection of 4″ full-sized succulents
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Coupon: PINK for 40% off your 1st subscription order

Yall I love this box! It was fun to receive big succulents and I think the price is awesome for this too (especially after that amazing coupon code, dangggg). In the video, up top, I showed a great way to style succulents and a quick way to make this an awesome gift! This company is a bit more obscure in the succulent subscription box world which is kinda exciting for me because I'm so happy to have found them. You can skip and cancel online anytime. They save paper and don't include any paperwork in the box but rather email it to you. This also means you can't lose it! Win-win! They also have a great online store, just head over to the tab Shop. Definitely recommend this box as well!

Succulents by Gathered

So there you go, each of these succulent subscriptions and these air plant subscriptions has unique attributes that make them wonderful which is how they made the Best Air Plant Subscriptions list. Go watch the video up top, select your favorites, and get yourself subscribed.

What stores sell succulents and air plants?

This list is a best-of list, and by no means is comprehensive. But these boxes are a great place to start! And as the holidays and birthdays roll around come back and select one to gift a friend. Everyone loves a gift that keeps on giving! And these are some of the best succulent subscription boxes and air plant subscription boxes out there. Thank you for checking out my Succulent Boxes & Air Plant Boxes review hope this helps you find the best places to buy succulents online.

Best Air Plant Subscriptions
Where to buy Succulents online?

This list shares some of the best Best Succulent Subscriptions and best Best Air Plant Subscriptions available. Check out my video to see 6 different places to buy succulents online. The best option is to subscribe, so every month you get a new succulent!

How to build a succulent garden?

I suggest you subscribe to 2-3 different subscriptions and over time you will learn to build a beautiful succulent garden with a great variety of succulents. Using this method you will go at a steady pace and learn to care for each succulent along the way.

What is an Air Plant or Succulent Subscription Box?

This is the best way to experience succulents or air plants, sign up and get a new variety of air plant or succulent sent to you every month. A subscription is a fun way to learn about new varieties and grow your garden at a steady pace.

xoxo Samantha

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