These are some of the Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes! I unbox and share why I love these home decor boxes and I tell you each box's style and a bit about them while showing what's inside these great Home Decor Boxes.

Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes

Third & Main Home Decor Box

Frequency: Quarterly

Price: Farmhouse is $129 & Contemporary is $149

Third & Main Promo Code: PINK10 for 10% off

I love this box because they offer 2 different styles and the quality of the products in each box is very good. I have loved every encounter with Third & Main. A unique aspect of Third & Main is that they have 2 styles of boxes, the Farmhouse and the Contemporary.

Decocrated Home Decor

Frequency: Quarterly

Price: $79.99 + $10 shipping, US only

Decocrated Promo Code: PINKENVELOPE15 for $15 off quarterly or annually

Decorated is a well-rounded trendy box. I have personally been a subscriber since 2019! They are the most popular home decor subscription box by far and are one of the cheapest options which is so nice. They focus on 3 home styles in order of most important: Modern farmhouse, farmhouse, and boho.

White Home Woods Home Decor Box

Frequency: Quarterly 

Price: $69.99 or $265 annually (save $15) + Free Shipping

White Home Woods Promo Code: PINK10 for $10 off your 1st box

The only home decor subscription box I know that offers customization!  I love that they do this.  The quality is also great on their products!

Elhyme Inspiration Home Decor Box

Frequency: Quarterly

Price: $95.00 with Free Shipping in the continental US

Elhyme Promo Code: PINKENVELOPE for 15% off

This is a new favorite of mine, this is only my 2nd box but I LOVED my 1st box, the Summer box so much and I love the Winter box, I had to include them.  Also, their name is Persian Farsi and means inspiration.

Elhyme Home Deco Box

Steal it Box by Decor Steals

Frequency: Quarterly

Price: varies, right now the box is $125, this isn’t a traditional subscription

Promo Code: none

This home decor box is growing on me. Started off bad with their Summer 2021 box, got a little better with Fall 2021, but by the Winter 2021, I can finally say I really like the box.

Decor Steals Steal it Box Subscription Box

Frequency: Monthly

Price: Basic – $79.99 and Elite – $130.00 (I’m showing the Elite here)

Habitation Box Promo Code: PINK10 for 10% off

Only home decor box I’ve encountered that offers not only Monthly boxes but 2 sizes!  A basic at 4 – 6 items and an Elite at 7 – 9 items.  

Habitation Box Home Decor

Frequency: Quarterly

Price: $89.00 with free US shipping

Gatherberry Goods Promo Code: THEPINKENVELOPE for 10% off

Gatherberry Goods Winter box didn’t arrive in time so I am showing you a past box of theirs.  I LOVE this hostess box!  The products are high quality and I think they give a big bang for your buck.  The designs are always fabulous. Big fan of this box!

Gatherberry Goods Home Decor Subscription Box

Frequency: Quarterly

Price: $69.99 + $9.99 shipping

Just Deco Promo Code: PINKENVELOPE for 15% off your 1st box

Just Deco’s box didn’t arrive in time so I am just sharing about them.  This Home decor is inspired by the designer’s AfroLatina heritage.  They curate items that play well with other home decor items.

Just Deco Decor Box

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