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Beyond the Book Club Review

Thank you to Beyond the Book Club for sending us this box to share with you and sponsoring this video. Links below may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission for each purchase. Thank you for supporting our team!  You’re the Best!

About Beyond the Book Club

Beyond the Book Club includes a newly released book and several wrapped gifts that are meant to be opened at specific pages as you read. This unique approach allows readers to interact with the story in an immersive way, enhancing the overall reading experience with surprises that bring the narrative to life.

  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $50
  • Shipping: Free in the US
  • Coupon Code: PINKFRIENDS10
  • Active Deal: 10% off your 1st box
  • About the Beyond the Book Club Review box:

    Beyond the Book Club includes a Christian fiction book along with 3-5 wrapped gifts that correspond to specific page numbers in the book. These gifts are directly related to the story, enhancing the reading experience by allowing you to interact with items that the characters use or encounter. The box aims to provide an immersive and engaging reading experience. Additionally, subscribers gain access to an exclusive Facebook group for discussions and additional content.

    About Beyond the Book Club box:

    Have you ever finished a book and loved the storyline, but wished that it didn't have the language, sexual content, or otherworldly agendas? What about wholesome content for your teen? We have you covered! Join our book club and enjoy a reading EXPERIENCE that pulls you into every story. You will receive a Christian fiction book, exclusive access to our members-only Facebook group, and 3-5 fabulous gifts to open that come directly from the story. Join us. You'll wish you would've joined sooner! We offer an adult selection and a young adult selection each month. The adult box is for women ages 18+ and the YA box is for girls 13+.

    Each box includes a newly released Christian fiction book. There is a private Facebook group dedicated to subscribers only. This is the most fabulous book club you will ever be a part of.

    Note: Prices and details mentioned are accurate as of the video's release date and may change over time.

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    Beyond the Book Club Review
    Beyond the Book Club: Dive into books with matching, page-specific gifts to enhance your read.

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