Your Bijoux Box

*Update on August 2018

About Your Bijoux Box

Your Bijoux Box will arrive at your doorstep containing 3 pieces of jewelry, hand-curated by Shana. The jewelry selected is on-trend, versatile, and wearable, and you will receive at least $100 worth of jewelry each month. Bijoux Box scrutinizes hundreds of pieces of jewelry until we find just the right ones for the box. The sparkles in the box might include a long layering necklace, a fun statement collar, a pretty piece of arm candy.

Cost: $39.99

Frequency: Monthly

Your Bijoux Box Review

This is my 2nd jewelry subscription box and I am just in love with this one as I was the first one.  They really do an awesome job of finding beautiful and unique pieces for such an amazing price!  To describe the quality it is better than costume jewelry but not Nordstroms qaulity.  I love wearing the pieces casual by day and going out at night, they are quality.  I am a HUGE Bijoux Box fan, make sure you sign up above or below and join me!

So I have been wearing these pieces for over 2 years now and the bracelet and 1 necklace are still around.  That's crazy!  The bracelet still looks great but the necklace is on it's last leg LOL.  For $40 I got 3 pieces of jewelry that I have been able to wear for 2 years!  That is an unbeatable deal!

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