This post does not contain affiliate links but is sponsored by Bisou Naturals. These are all my own thoughts, ideas and comparisons. Thanks for reading about Natural Air Purifiers.

About Bisou Naturals

100% non-toxic and fragrance-free, Bisou Natural air purifying bag is THE sustainable alternative to typical air fresheners that contain dangerous chemicals (such as formaldehyde and petroleum) that deplete the ozone layer and harms our health. Natural Air Purifiers

Cost: price varies, starting at $80

Frequency: This is not a subscription, just a cool product

Who Can Shop: Everyone!

Coupon Codes: 30% off storewide with code: THEPINKENVELOPE

My Bisou Natural Experience

Yep…I think this product is magical. Seriously, these cute little bags do an amazing job of absorbing the orders from the air. I have them in the laundry room, kitchen, office, kid's shoe baskets, the car and our dresser drawers. I have all Christmas prints but since they don't use obnoxious prints, but rather chic prints, they are going to look great year round.

These Natural Air Purifiers are the bomb (yes I know my age is showing but it's the truth!). I had never used natural air fresheners until now and I am officially hooked!

xoxo Samantha

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