Blogging is the New Marketing

In case you haven't noticed…Blogging is the New Marketing!  I don't go to Nordstrom's website and scroll through their products.  Honestly, I don't even go to Pinterest if I'm serious shopping (I only go there to steal ideas).  When I am serious shopping or looking for inspiration I go to Simply B Style, Dress Up Buttercup, The Ashmores Blog, and Sideline Socialite just to name a few.  When I see something I like, I order it on their site.  Saves me so much work in digging, sourcing, discovering fit, finding good deals and so much more!  Recently I was debating if I should dive in and buy an Easter dress.  I left this thought in the back of my head knowing that I didn't have to work for it, when I saw it I would know it.  Sure enough, a week later while playing on Dress Up Buttercup's Instagram page I saw THE DRESS!  Since I already know her personality and her style as well as how most things fit her I knew this would be the perfect Easter dress so I ordered it plus the shoes she recommended.  They came in less than a week later and sure enough, exactly what I wanted!!!

Blogging is the New Marketing
Easter Dress

So if subscription boxes aren't your thing (too risky, too expensive, too whatever is in your head) start following fashion bloggers.  Follow the bloggers that match your personality, body style, passions, etc  You will soon find that all the hard work, energy and sourcing they do will SAVE YOU a TON of work and time.  Let the experts handle it. And speaking of experts there are always the Amazon ppc management software which can help you manage some amazon sponsored ads right on your page! Which is a great marketing tool when growing your website 🙂

So, want to see THE DRESS on Dress Up Buttercup?  Go to her post here Houston Fashion Blogger and you can see the dress on her and then above on me to see why I made the selection and how her post helped.

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