If you have been around me or my blog for any time at all you know that I LOVE Blo Blow Dry Bar located in Hughes Landing in The Woodlands, TX.  For one, it is just fun visiting there.  Their team is awesome, they are so easy to hang with!  Second, they give amazing hair washes.  The ones that make you want to live in the wash bowl for forever.  Ahhh just writing this makes me want to jump in the car and go straight there.  Third, their blow outs and updos are off the hook.  Every time I get a blow out it last 2-4 days depending on what I'm doing, the humidity and my relationship with water 🙂  So in the summer when we are swimming it doesn't last as long as winter.  Their updos and styles for events are anything but traditional and they too last forever.  I once wore ONE style for 3 days to 3 events!  Oh yeah!  So all in all, I think it's safe to say, I love Blo The Woodlands!

A huge THANK YOU to Brandon for hooking it up my hair a couple of weeks ago.  Also for showing me the ropes on SnapChat!  You can see some of our fun on SnapChat or Instagram.

Blow dry bar in the woodlands 3

Another big thank you to Shelby for fixing my face!  Did you guys know they offer makeup too!  One stop shop my friends.  Head massage, blow out and makeup – a little slice of heaven!

Blow Dry Bar The Woodlands

After my day of beauty I took my new MUAH out for some fun.  Here are just a couple of photos enjoying my straight hair from Blow Dry Bar The Woodlands!

Blow dry bar in the woodlands

Did you guys know they have a subscription?  You can sign up for their Mane Squeeze at any location or sign up right here.

• $70/mo for 2 blo outs* (that’s only $35 per blo out, a $10 savings per month)
• $35 blo outs thereafter (save $5 for every additional blo out!)
• 10% off of all Blo retail (maintain that mane)
• Free birthday blo out (we’ll blo out your tresses, you stick to the candles)
• Be the first to know about new products and promotions
• Invites to exclusive Mane Squeeze events

Blow Dry Bar The Woodlands

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